These Are A Few of My Favorite Things – Fall Bloggers

Fall at the Bessettes
Fall 2017
One of my favorite things about being a blog follower is how the experience goes from just following along to eventually feeling like you are taking advice from a friend. As a result of my love for blogs, I have purchased clothes, tried hair styles, decorated mantles, read books, organized my office, discovered health tricks, and become inspired in countless ways! Reading about a solution that an everyday person, just like me, finds enriching to their lives has been really helpful – so here on HALF I thought I would get in on the info sharing action and include a weekly favorites post!  Each week I will share one of my favorites things! The topic areas will range from favorite clothes to organizing solutions even some health tricks. Really anything that we just can’t live without – or would really not want to – at the Bessette home and maybe you can find something you love too!
Ya’ll it is FALL!!! Certainly the Northern VA area has tastes of fall over the past few weeks, but this week was the real deal…. and looking at the next few weeks I think it is here to stay!  So I wanted today’s post to be festive and I have recently done some fall fashion finds, food posts, so it was time for some entertainment…. and since I have already have a post on fall movies and back to school vibes… I was trying to think about some of my fav parts of fall and it hit me – BLOGS!
As you see above my love of blog originated with Pinterest – so my way to the world of blog following was paved with season looks, creative decor ideas, and the perfect recipe. And funny enough this new hobby was perfected the fall of 2013….. so still to this day a big part of my preparation for enjoying fall is…. watching some of my favorite blogs get all sorts of festive! That means today’s favorite are some of my favorite bloggers I follow to get all fall ready!
Shay is one of my first and absolute favorite bloggers. A mama to 4 kids, a full time blogger and author – who covers it all from faith to fashion ….. she is a definite go to for a good read and for all the fun blogger vibes. What I always enjoy about Shay’s fall posts are how she infuses the holiday into all different aspects of her home. They have fall themed plates and coffee mugs on display by her Keriug. There are pillows and bedding they switch up to bring the cozy fall into their bedrooms. And of course she always has the perfect bundt cake reciepe for whatever season you find yourself craving a sweet treat. I love that it brings the season into all aspects of their daily life.
Jessica is another of my early blog favs who is the momma of three sweet girls and shares lots of fun moments from her world. One of the reasons I so enjoy her blog is because it incorporates the actual season from outdoors. She always has the quintessential pictures of that perfect fall house and then a very simple way to create that feel in your own world. Jessica’s blog is also just FUN. She alwas has a great cocktail or fun snack that can easily turn a simple crisp fall afternoon on your deck into a fall party! There is something so simplistic and fun about her blog, it helps me cherish the little moments and want to soak everything up from the color of the fall leaves to the softness of a seasonal socks with the same excitement as a kiddo!
Well a new season would not be complete without the excitement of new fashion and there is something so extra special about fall that includes more layers, different accessories and a whole hue of new rich colors! There so many awesome bloggers out there with really great style and awesome ideas for how to revamp your closet, but sometimes the price tag is just a little too much for me, even for just a statement piece. However with this new blogger find Laura, she is constantly featuring really cute looks from all very affordable places. This sweet mama of three girls could not be any cuter if she tried, and always feels so approachable online – like your chatting with a friend because she never take yourself too seriously. Most of my new Old Navy fall finds were courtesy of Laura and I encourage you to check out her feed for some really great ideas at affordable prices!
And last up today is Emily Ley a mama of three and an owner of a planner company. Yes there are still plenty of weeks left in the year to meet goals, finished to dos, and make the most out of 2018, but it’s also that time of year we start thinking how we want to approach the new year. For me I order my new planners and try to do a little cleaning out. I will spend time figuring out what worked for me for this year and what didn’t work that will be let go for the coming year. I absolutely love Emily‘s planners, in fact I have already ordered mine for 2019 that I’ll share coming up, but if you haven’t been to  her website I highly encourage you to because there are also a ton of free printable PDFs to help you get all set up for for the new year! For so many reasons I feel like fall is just as much of a cleanup time as Spring – especially before the holidays get rolling. So if you’re interested in doing a little bit organizing –  head over to Emily site and check out what she’s got available!
Wishing you all a fun weekend with lots of fall stuff – and it if it includes sitting all cozy not he couch scrolling through blogs, share some of your favs with us in the comments or on instagram!
Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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