Juice Plus

Growing up I was very “blessed” with the ability to eat whatever I wanted and never have to pay for it….or so I thought. In high school my friends and I would get fast food to “snack on” for the drive home. I remember eating donuts on the beach in my bathing suit (to which a family member promptly pointed out – that would not be a choice I would make forever) and that Diet Coke was an appendage….. you found it with me just like you would my right arm! Starbuck’s Frappachinos were a very common breakfast from the ages of 16 on. The “blessed” aspect was an awesome metabolism as a young person…..but the truth was I wasn’t blessed at all – I was an unhealthy person without any consequences, so no interest in changing. As a result of this lifestyle – I was a regular strep throat victim, had two ulcers at the age of 20, and had become addicted to food that now doesn’t look quite as cute on my adult frame (those Wendy’s burgers just don’t hide themselves the way they used to). 


As I was leaving for college my mom had discovered Juice Plus, “whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains”. When studying JP, she came face to face with the reality of what each of us should be eating  – and not just a few veggies and fruits a day, but actually “fill half your plate at each meal with fruits and vegetables” to meet the standard for a proper diet – her mission to get her family healthy began. I remember the mass exodus of soda….chips…Oreos… it was a sad day for this girl who loved all those foods! But I admired my mom’s efforts and got on board when I was at home. Lucky for me though, I was off to college dining and could pretty easily return to my elected diet. Thankfully my mom is a realist and was never thrilled that Diet Coke was running through my blood more than water, so at a minimum she always encouraged me to at least take my JP – it was my insurance plan! 


Let’s fast forward a few years and I began to see the negative effects of my diet (again – ulcers at 20!!?!??!?!) and the realities of what this kind of eating was really doing to my health. Since getting married really (since Danny always prefers a good salad to a burger – I know, he is crazy) – I have been on a several year mission to get healthier. Most of the time it was centered around portion control and “bank account dieting” (if I have a donut in the morning, I need more veggies at lunch). This has helped – but often when life is not going great, or worse say things are at their most stressful (hospital happenings) – food has been a comfort or reward. Luckily I have never lost my insurance plan and always felt good that I was at least bridging the gap with JP between what I should be eating and what I do eat. But just as life marches on and we get older the struggles we face with energy, stress, and maturity increase. Before you know, your body can start fighting back if you don’t protect it! 


So as I enjoy my third decade on this earth, both Danny and I have really made an effort in all we do to live a little more purposely. Enjoy every minute, spend time with family and friends, dare to make your dreams happen…. and while we have been trying to do it all, one truth keeps coming around – we need good health to keep us going. The truth is – good health is hard, time consuming, expensive…. its not just a choice, its a lifestyle. And if you spend time here with us you know, a lifestyle full of ebbs and flows! But the good news is Juice Plus has not only been the bridge between that gap of should eat and do eat – but it also offers a plan for closing the gap. We aren’t perfect…. but we are committed to continuing to move toward our best health! 
Transformation Challenge
From time to time you will hear about how JP is part of my life and if you are interested in taking control of your own health…. or even better yet, joining me on the journey to being at your healthiest,  please contact me or visit here to learn more. 

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