“If you want something to be different than it ever has been before….. you have to do something different than you have ever done before.” “The things you have now are the things you had at one point prayed for…..”  Or something like that….  These two quotes crossed my path a few Mondays age and … More

Hope You Dance

Lately I have been faced with feeling of foolishness for thinking I could have enough hope to make my unique world work… but after some reflection, I am committed to be proud of my efforts and not afraid, even if they don’t work. … More Hope You Dance

Danny Update

Danny is heading home without any answers. Planning to find the comfort in the facts, but a little background on the blog about what has made us a little unnerved from these bumps that popped up. … More Danny Update

Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving Week friends! This Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving 2020…. the holiday for gratitude in a year that has been interesting for us all! But they say gratitude can change your mood, alter your outlook, and literally lift your spirit! You just have to be dedicated to seeking it, consistent with practicing it, and … More Thanksgiving Week