Yea, Yea What About Those Lungs?

After a little break of talking about post-transplant life on the blog, I have emerged from under the surf. We are blessed with how so much of this process has gone – yet the tough stuff is just tough and I required a break from sharing. After some time and healing, I have realized that reflecting back shows what God has made possible during this experience. Taking the opportunity to share those moments will provide reasons to be grateful and hope to believe in as we move forward. So back we will go, starting with this post. … More Yea, Yea What About Those Lungs?

I was Chosen

Over the last few posts I have shared the raw and emotional side of this journey for me as the wife and us as a couple. This moment in time is very fragile, full, and overwhelming, but it is not the whole story. I have acknowledged the many silver linings with the strengthening of faith … More I was Chosen

Shells of Ourselves

It is interesting the different stories and anecdotes that have crossed my path during this journey. I have run into people from various walks of my life at odd times… I have witnessed truths that are both painful and wonderful, it can only mean that you must truly be alive to feel that kind of … More Shells of Ourselves