Chicago Part 4

This week my parents, sister and sweet niece Millie are visiting the Midwest. Milwaukee for some time with my Aunt and her family and then Chicago to see my brother Grant and his fiancé, Kelly. We are very jealous that we weren’t able to join and have not agreed on the dates for our next … More Chicago Part 4

Chicago Part 3

Hey friends – happy Tuesday! Today on the blog we are still working our way through our Chicago trip from this fall.  It is super behind and it is way behind Post 1 and Post 2. Yup….. I used to blog about what was happening in real time. But in reality that life has sorta … More Chicago Part 3

Chicago Part 2

Alright friends, after a few days of health post updates let’s have some fun, shall we? I still have not finished our trip to Chicago. To see the first post check it out here and now today is time for post 2 – our trip to Wrigley Ville! This is a really fun part of … More Chicago Part 2

Chicago Part 1

Happy Tuesday friends! Don’t you just love a holiday week?!??!? We sure do…. shortened time in the office, there is a buzz of anticipation in the air…. and you are making your lists and checking them twice (or 43 times of you are like me!).  Holidays are such a special time… and although this little … More Chicago Part 1

Look Whoos At UVA

When you list for a double lung transplant,you are required to remain within a specific set of miles and hours from the hospital. The lungs can come at any time, from a variety of circumstances and the hospital team, the patient, and the family must be ready to go whenever they get that call- sound … More Look Whoos At UVA