Flaherty Family Weekend of Fun

Two weekends back we celebrated a fun filled weekend of Flaherty Family! The Flaherty’s are the extended family on my mom’s side. We are all sorts of loud… excited…silly… crazy…full of opinions and with countless stories – that we like to repeat often! These little moments of regular life – barbecuing, catching up on the deck, sitting in the pocket of sun with my Ganmommy – are the things you will cherish and carry with you… and I am so glad on that weekend we got to just do life together….

There is not a season in which I can’t recall some sort of family gathering with this group. Growing up as one of the more local families, I have been blessed with the gift of celebrating all occasions from baptisms to weddings together. Any excuse we find ends in some sort of large meal and event that extends well past the expected hours of daylight and is sure to leave you tired, but happy (most of the time). … More Flaherty Family Weekend of Fun