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Welcome to our Blog “Have A Little Faith in We” ….. this is the story of us.


Family Photos
Bessette Family Photos Fall 2015
My name is Jackie Bessette and I am the primary author of this blog. It is in the heart of a family’s wife or mother that you can find the thousand of memories, captured moments, little details that weaved together tell the story of a family. So in 2014 I started our first blog.  It was in these pages I had the privlege of capturing those moments, of remembering how we have grown, where we hope to improve, and share the points at which our dreams are realized. After a year of blogging at that site , Danny and I both felt this little blog of ours was meant to be something much more  – so we purchased our own domain and began the journey on our current site – Have A Little Faith in We.


Wedding Day
Wedding Day July 2010
Danny and I have grown from friends, to a couple, to husband and wife, the Bessettes! During our journey we have faced a variety of adventures, made plans, changed course, some typical experiences, while others are unique challenges – but no matter what comes our way we know it is the choice of doing this life thing together that matters the most.  When we find blessings in the daily routine, choose gratitude, and celebrate the beauty that can be found in the world – we experience such joy and felt compelled to share those experiences on our blog, HALF.


Happy Birthday Danny
1746 Reunion Fall 2015
Here you will follow our day to day life, you will read our story.  We will cover my love for faith, family, friends, a good buy, a great book, a favorite organization trick, my hope of improved health, and being the best wife and puppy mom I can be! When you sneak a peek at Danny’s world you will find his love of sports, journey in Catholicism, battle against CF, and the daily challenge of being man’s best friend to our Shiba. Which brings us to our dog: in March of 2013 we added our “baby” to the family, Quinlan. His name is Irish for “Little Bear” and by his sweet face you can tell why that name matches. Don’t let his charm fool you though, he is quite a handful and has completely challenged our ability as puppy parents and potential parents! One of my favorite quotes of all time is “it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog” – that is our dog – all Shiba Inu! No matter the times we have rolled our eyes or shook our heads with him, we are totally smitten and grateful for the lessons in teamwork, patience and unconditional love! 


Our Little Pup Spring 2013
It is with this blog we will recount our blessings, express our gratitude, and share what we have found to inspire our world. We hope you enjoy following along and thanks for being here with us!


Fall Family Photos October 2015

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I just saw “Danny Bessette” in a video about CF for one of my classes and decided to google the name to see how he was doing. Happy to see all is well! Great job in the video to your husband, it looks like you guys have a great life. (this video was probably from 15 years ago)


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