2018 was the year of intense change. Everything in my world changed, completely out of the unexpected  and I learned the true meaning of “what does not kill you makes you stronger”. Today’s post I share with you all some of the truth of this year and what is really on my heart this New Year’s Eve. … More 2018

Hopkins Happenings

Hi friends – hopping on here to give a little update of what is happening in our world…. if you follow us on social media then you know our Thanksgiving plans of celebrating the holiday with the Bessette side of the family and then heading Friday first thing to Pittsburg for a hockey tournament with … More Hopkins Happenings

Unexpected Goodbye

As pre-op wrapped up LINK, it was time for the moment I had been wondering about since we even breathed the word transplant: our pre-surgery goodbye. First Danny’s parents had their time. I stood out in the hall trying to remain calm and talk to my parents. Keyword would be trying as I wavered between … More Unexpected Goodbye