Faith Finding: God will move Heaven & Earth

Faith is a muscle: to make it stronger you have it use it. Stretch it, flex it, nurture it, push it and help it rest properly. If you want it to work for you, your going to need to work on it. In this particular season of life, faith is the anchor I need more than anything else. And yet, it also seems to be the thing that gets lost admits the busy daily schedule, buried under the piles of laundry or forgotten when I seek a break and end up just scrolling.

But I have also had to be honest that right now hours for dedicated Bible studies or quiet times to journal are not very readily available. It often looks like one podcast I tune into on and off all day when I find a spare 5 minutes or doing my daily Father Schmitz Bible time while nodding off rocking my baby to sleep or a song that specifically speaks to me from a faith playlist while getting ready for the day. What I have come to realize is these little moments can pack just as powerful a punch and renew my faith, maybe when I least expect it.

So in effort to both capture and save these faith findings, I wanted to put them here to refer to and also share with you!

Nothing is Wasted Podcast

And now for today’s Faith finding. Recently I stumbled across the podcast “Nothing is Wasted” by Davey Blackburn. He has walked through a traumatic situation and found healing, so his mission now is to help others walk through theirs with the mantra that God can use it all – good, bad, ugly, hard- for good. Listening in to episode #22 with Brittany Brooker and her husband Daniel provided so many great nuggets of wisdom on how to be a spouse in illness, what God can do with our pain, and how to offer that pain to him. But the line that has stuck with me and is today’s Faith finding: Brittany said during her interview “God will move heaven & earth to make His will known.” WOW.

So often in life our question is “why”? Why is this happening? Why me? Why now? And I have felt that so very much lately. Why God… why?? Yet these whys said to me God is always at work. Perhaps I am stunned by what is happening right in this moment … yet while I am a deer in headlights and feel paralyzed by the change in course or sudden disruption…. it is only a fraction of God’s plan at work. And thank you Lord that he is willing to toss my world on its head so I don’t miss His divine plan. He so badly wants me to find His plan for my life, He is never going to stop grabbing for my attention.

And the second part… I am a doer… a fixer… a planner. So feeling knocked off my path or the need to sit on the side of the road instead of keep running, can feel like I am wasting time or nothing can get fixed until I get my own butt in gear. This line addresses that too… maybe I am just supposed to take in alllllll the moving and shaking to seek and follow God’s actions. Maybe I am not supposed to be acting and in fact listening to the need to pause so I can also simultaneously rest AND get out of God’s way. Plus I can work 24-7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year AND I will never be able to move heaven or earth… so maybe I should just let go and sit down, to let God.

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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