Mother’s Day 2023

When I started to learn about bloggging a Mommy blogger talked about how she wanted so badly to have a place to write out her experiences as a mom right in this moment, because she wishes she could hear her mom’s voice from specific moments. Every family and every individual has a set of stories … More Mother’s Day 2023


“And then I can get life back on track.” If there is a sentence I have said more often since 35, I would love to know it. This one-liner and its sentiments have been my perspective since fall 2019. In my memory there are distinct moments that I know I said this about health, relationships, … More 38

Shannie’s Mom

We are starting to see signs of spring. The days are a bit warmer, the sun is sticking around a little bit longer, and there is that freshness to the air. This is the time of year when Lent is underway, I celebrate my birthday and often the start of a new season: so something … More Shannie’s Mom