Life Lately

Happy Wednesday friends! Hope this week is treating you all well and you are finding some time between the hustle and bustle to rest, recharge, connect with your favs, and laugh!! Even though there are moments throughout the day that I have to remind myself that nothing lasts forever – a bad work day, a frustrating … More Life Lately

It’s Now or Never

Hey friends! Thank you for your patience during my hibernation this last week. The point we find ourselves at in our journey has taken a challenging direction. Although I really enjoy and benefit immensely from sharing the experience here on the blog, we have now reached a segment that we are not prepared to openly … More It’s Now or Never

Just Take 10!

If you are gonna bother to do something, you better do it right. In the mane, this is good advice. It encourages you to spend your energy wisely, give 150% at whatever you try, and speaks to the importance of taking pride in your work. It is a philosophy I have always tried to follow … More Just Take 10!