National Marriage Week – We Celebrated a Little Different

They had finished the transplant. The surgeon came out with a huge smile on his face and said things looked great. We had to wait a bit, but it wouldn’t be long until we could see Danny. Eventually we all suited up- myself, my parents, Dan’s parents and his cousin. We could finally see him … More National Marriage Week – We Celebrated a Little Different

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Danny, Happy Anniversary. Today we celebrate 9 years and I have been thinking a lot about what I wanted to say for this anniversary. Two things have come to mind that I seek to both cherish and celebrate during this season of life: our chosen bravery and how selfish I feel. Curious right? Here … More Happy Anniversary!

Unexpected Goodbye

As pre-op wrapped up, it was time for the moment I had been wondering about since we even breathed the word transplant: our pre-surgery goodbye. First Danny’s parents had their time. I stood out in the hall trying to remain calm and talk to my parents. Keyword would be trying as I wavered between emotional … More Unexpected Goodbye