Chicago Part 2

We Love the Windy City August 2018

Alright friends, after a few days of health post updates let’s have some fun, shall we? I still have not finished our trip to Chicago. To see the first post check it out here and now today is time for post 2 – our trip to Wrigley Ville!

Today we visited Wrigley Ville August 2018

This is a really fun part of Chicago that my cousin Casey calls home. And as I said in my last post, one of my favorite parts about this trip was having people who live here and really know the best places to go be our guides! Well Casey and Danny have always hit it off with a big time love of sports and especially baseball – so how perfect that we had a day hanging with him in the neighborhood that is based around the stadium…. and it ended up being a day of a lot of games!

First Bar/Arcade for the Day August 2018

First up was a fun bar/arcade type spot that even included batting cages. Across the street from the stadium, and on this particular day a country music festival, it was hopping! It was fun to just grab a drink and watch all the folks play the games….

Complete with Batting Cages
August 2018

But that does not last long before you want in on the action too. We grabbed our tickets and played basketball and my favorite skee ball. It was just like being a kiddo with tickets to play and the tickets when you win! Made only better by a few cocktails….

Getting Tickets to Play August 2018
Family that Plays Games Together…. August 2018
We enjoyed a bar/restaurant crawl August 2018

After our first arcade adventure and walking around the stadium we had a restaurant/bar crawl of sorts. Stopping in at different cute places for appetizers and drinks was the PERFECT way to enjoy this part of the city. Everyone was out soaking up their Saturday, it was full of energy – but with that relaxed weekend vibe. We loved feeling not so tourist like and just enjoying the city life!

This one had a moose…. August 2018
Kelly was considering trying out the “Musky Queen” at this bar August

This fun stop was a beer garden complete with puppy dogs, a moose, and even advertising for a “Musky Queen” contest  – which Kelly was considering.

And then Bar/Arcade Round 2 August 2018

And then we made it to our second arcade of the night…. and I had another margarita (we will not be counting the number of these 🙂 ), where we enjoyed another round of games.

Where we found a magical pop-up party…. August 2018

But this bar had an extra special feature in the back…. a pop up Dunder Mifflin party! The Office is one of Danny’s favorite shows and it is on our house at least weekly (if not more like daily). Danny knows all of the episdoes, yet still laughs like it is his first time watching them.

All the favorites where there… August 2018

When we stumbled across this event that had a bunch of the characters and made reference to every episode Danny could think of – he was in heaven!

Danny was in heaven in the middle of one of his favorite shows August 2018

To see a few scene reenactments from the show while here “on set” – check out my Chicago highlight on instagram. They are really funny and you will for sure understand how much fun this bar was! It was in this exact moment I was sure Danny was moving us to Chicago.

Just working away with some of his pals… August 2018
My cousin Casey was today’s host August 2018

Casey grew up in the midwest besides a small stint in the DMV as a little kiddo. When he was here my mom was his daycare and we all really grew up together. As we all got older, while other families were headed to the beach or Disney World the Heppes went North to see our family in Milwaukee. May not sound like a resort vacation, but the truth was we had a blast! We would run around and play all day – ride bikes, enjoy the city – we had a ball and so many of my true kiddo memories include our visits with Casey’s family (don’t worry… we see more more of my family while here). And last summer when Danny came for a visit he learned real quick why I love visiting my midwest family!

The Office Party August 2018
According to Danny the referenced MANY of the episodes August 2018
I think Danny found a new date mid-way through the night August 2018
The Flaherty Family Hang Out August 2018

Here we are – the cousins! It was a fun day and I had not laughed that hard in awhile…. and not quite as hard since. It was a fun day and I am so grateful for my cousin Casey and brother Grant for getting us older folks out, about and having a heck of  a lot of fun.

Tootsie Tot August 2018

And as usual, when the drinks got flowing…. so did the family memories. Casey’s brother, Danny, was in a talent contents as a small kiddo for singing this song “tootsie tot” where with each verse you add an action. Eventually the song ends with you thumbs out, knees in, tongues out, elbow in, and trying to sing “tootsie tot”. Well Grant was younger when this story occurred, so he thought tootsie tot was just something our Milwaukee family did for fun all the time. Needless to say – we got laughing…. and then “tootsie totting”.

These two didn’t understand the whole Tootsie Tot thing – so they took their own picture instead of helping take ours…. August 2018

Of course we three thought this was hilarious…. Kelly and Danny thought we were crazy. So while they pretended to take video of us…. they really took selfies. And the boys and I were “distracted” enough – we did not find these cute pictures for a few days.

And to end the fun day….. Chicago Dip Dish August 2018

Finally we ended the day with board games, more drinks and some good ole Chicago Deep Dish pizza back at my brothers place. Sorta the perfect ending to day where Danny and I remembered what it was like to play all day…. and end the night with the perfect greasy food!

A few more fun Chicago posts to come… this trip was awesome! Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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