2018 List of Summer Must Have’s

Hey friends – happy summer 2018!! Yes – we are officially in the midst of Memorial Day and summer is here! Living in the Northern Virginia area we are lucky enough to experience all 4 seasons and I certainly LOVE things about each one, but there is something extra special about summer. So to kick us off, I am sharing 5 things you need to enjoy the best of this season.

1 – Rainbow Flip Flops. Yep – I got them in college after years of being a Reefs gal and I have never looked back –  they are the prefect summer shoe! A flip flop to show off that summer pedicure, will conform to your feet to make them sturdy enough for a light hike, but also hold up so well I have also worn them with a maxi dress for date night. To see my full post of love for these shoes (and their appearance at a wedding) check it out here.

Beach Days August 2014

2 – Elin Hildebrand books. My favorite vacation destination is the beach. I love the sights, smells, and the way life at the beach just feels. My perfect day would include hours soaking up the sun on a beach, a brisk shower, refreshing cocktail, and yummy dinner. Whenever I read one of Elin’s books I find myself in the middle of perfect days the whole time. Absolutely one of my favorite authors and I encourage you to pick up any of her many books to throw in your pool or beach bag.

3 – RTC Cup. On my Christmas list with many hints was a Yeti cup. But my husband did not look to kindly on a cup of that price range….. so he did some research and found the RTC cup. Ya’ll I LOVE IT! It keeps my ice cold for over 24 hours and I am drinking even more water – and for a water-holic that is a lot of water! On Amazon they are very reasonable with a bunch of fun colors. This is gonna be a summer time must!

4- Favorite Swimsuit. Sooooo I never realistically believed that swimsuits would turn into a thing of disdain in my life (yea – I know I am laughing too). I loved sunbathing days growing up and we spent most of our summer at the pool as kiddos, but alas the day came when it was not a fun shopping experience and I needed a one piece….. so thanks to my Mom I found this perfect suit! It is super cute, very flattering, and still in two pieces for ease of the bathroom and drying off after a dip. Check out my full post here, but I LOVE THIS SUIT and if you need one I highly encourage it.

Happy End to Summer
September 2016

5 – Paul Mitchell Straighten Serum. And last but not list can I get a round of applause from my wavy/frizzy hair friends! Yup,that’s me too! But thanks to my sister who is a professional hair stylist from the school of Paul Mitchell, I discovered their straighten serum and have never looked back. If there is a hint of humidity or rain sprinkle in the air my hair is gonna find it and I will be Monica form Friends in the Bahamas straight away! But thanks to this stuff – that I wear in all seasons if I straighten my locks and low and behold, my hair holds the straight style…. even if it gets a little wet it will really only release a little wave. For those of us fighting frizz this is a big win!

Oh ya’ll  – I love summer … . it would be hard to say I hope this is the best one yet since we have the summer I met Danny, the summer I got married, and last summer where we learned what life post transplant looks like – but still I am so excited for what 2018 will hold!

And something that is on my heart to say: if you are in a hard season: health, loss, divorce, infertility, depression – and another summer has snuck up on you- I am so sorry. I was thinking of a friend we know who was in a medical induced coma and missed a whole chunk of several seasons. I thought of friends we know who are full time hospital patients and watch the seasons confined to a bed. I have thought of myself and how I  can let anxiety and worry press me to my bed or under the protection of my couch instead of enjoying the beauty of any season. Sometimes you are just hanging on for dear life. When we were in the transplant haze we missed a lot of winter and spring. There may be moments in life you are just surviving, but I really encourage all of you to find little ways to embrace the here and now. And I am talking LITTLE if it has to be… ice coffee and the sunshine, new book and a pedicure, or maybe just a nap in the warm summer haze. These can seem like such little things, but they really can help you let go for a moment and soak up the here and now. Life is never perfect and I think we are all trying to find ways to cope with that on the regular. So don’t be too hard on yourself – difficulties and frustration is just a sign that you are in fact human. And just in case you were wondering as you scroll through social media or people watch the world and assume everyone but you is doing A-OK…. we are all struggling… It will be ok.

Wishing everyone a beautiful start to summer 2018 and if you have any favorites to share with the group – please include them in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!


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