Weekend – That’s A Wrap!

Hello friends and happy Tuesday! Hope your week is going well, despite our spring weather that has gotten a little lost somewhere. We were enjoying the pretty sun, the blooming buds – even happily tolerating allergies – all for that promise of longer days, sweeter nights, and fun in the sun! Yet this week we are seeing some temps back in the 40s!! Brrrr….. o well – last chance to get a little use out of those stylish boots and cozy sweaters!

This past weekend was full to the brim!!! Kicking it off right with a gal’s night on Friday. In our early 20s we had a standing gal’s night each week. There was a group of us that could be just as few as three and up to a dozen. It was WONDERFUL. We would gather in each other’s first apartments or restaurants, have the cocktails flowing and munchies by the handful – covering every topic imaginable. Laughing till our sides ached, watching that one powerful Teen Mom together on adoption while all reaching for the tissues, talking guys, contemplating careers, directing family, dreaming of travel….. it was some of the most fun I had in my early 20s – and secured some of the best friendships I have ever been gifted.

Shortly after our wedding the girls’ nights came to a close. We all started to move in various directions – literally moving all over parts of Northern VA – or around the world! We added new elements into our worlds – careers, school, serious boyfriends, husbands, kids – and this bonus time for escape suddenly escaped all of us! But this Friday we decided to right that wrong and get together for a girl’s night. The joy that is found admits the laughter of friends – there really is nothing like it! Sadly a few of our ladies hoping to attend were pulled away…. but Caitlin, Libby and I were all too happy to ring in the weekend together!

Gal’s Night April 2016
The next day was my sister Katy’s birthday. My parents had planned lunch out amongst the hills of Virginia for all the Heppes Girls’. Katy and I have been very close for most of our lives. The problem with closeness and sisters that are opposites in many ways – it can make for some pretty darn explosive fights! One night Katy and I were having a calm/rational disagreement (ha!), that ended in the breaking of our parents kitchen island….oops! We are both passionate people who love with our whole hearts, but that also makes us extremely vulnerable and emotionally charged – sisters, daughters, friends. The current season of life has brought us to one of the spots that we just differ. But on this day, that we gathered to celebrate Katy I was very much reminded of the great desire she filled in my life. I so desperately wanted a sister – and no matter where life leads us, she has been a true sister. She has been my critic, my cheerleader, that person I call when I just don’t know who else to call. She drives me crazy, inspires me, has made me cry and laugh….. and so we all said cheers to her 24 years….and many more!

Middleburg, VA April 2016
Happy Birthday Katy! April 2016
Middleburg, VA April 2016
Middleburg, VA April 2016
Middleburg, VA April 2016
Middleburg, VA April 2016
Happy Birthday Katy! April 2016
Happy Birthday Katy! April 2016
Happy Birthday Katy! April 2016
Happy Birthday Katy! April 2016
Middleburg, VA April 2016


Saturday Danny spent his day celebrating his friend Ryan. He is a groomsmen in Ryan and Megan’s upcoming wedding this May and on this particular day, the guys in the wedding got together for a little golf, a few drinks, and I suspect a lot of merriment. So after my lunch, I headed home to take advantage of the quiet with a hot shower, my comfiest PJs, a little Chinese, a few girly movies, and time spent on the blog.  And when Danny finally got in late that night – we settled to our favorite spot – the basement couch and watched a few of our favorite shows. It was late…. we should have been going to bed…. but after a Saturday spent in separate places, we wanted a little us time on a late night date in our home.

By the time Sunday rolled in – we were pretty darn worn out! So we slept in late….. got coffee…. and spent the day in reset mode. Laundry, picking up, planning the week, talking contract work, a great mass, and the kick start to our newest Sunday regular activity: food prep! Yes folks – last week I talked a little about the Bessette’s interest in “closing the gap” between what we should eat and what we do eat. But this week we put our money where our mouth is! Modeled after the Juice Plus Transformation 30 program, we are working to eat healthier (as little processed food as possible,  focusing mostly on eating fresh fruits and veggies with Juice Plus Complete as the star), regular exercise, and more sleep. April will be a big month of health focus for Danny and so it seemed like a good time for me to also challenge my health struggles. We both are seeking life with more energy, bodies that feel fueled and strong, and the knowledge that we are purposefully investing in ourselves and our future. From now until the start of May we are seeing what we can do to shake things up!

Transformation Challenge April 2016
Transformation Challenge April 2016
Hope you too had a great weekend and are enjoying a lovely week!

Thanks for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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