Weekend – That’s A Wrap!

Hello friends….. guess where I am writing from?? My loft! WAHOO!! It is so awesome to be home! After watching my in-laws house and pup for 10 days it was wonderful to drive here after work instead of to our temporary spot.  Although you can’t deny the ease of being somewhere that house projects, laundry piles, bathroom mess, kitchen cabinets – call your name to be clean, reorganized, or completed. Yes, it was nice to be able to get up this past weekend on Saturday from our slumber party mode on the most comfy couch ever (over the weekend we pretty much slept like this every night)….


Slumber Party Mode Vienna March 2016
Slumber Party Mode Vienna March 2016
….and throw on a few Netflix shows. Plus we got to spend time with friends who live down in that area.


Some of My Favs at Wine Night March 2016
On Friday evening we headed over to our friends’ Jeff and Bridget’s place for dinner with them and the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Villapando. A Good Friday breaking of bread. Heading into a holiday weekend it is nice to kick it off with friends….especially a quiet dinner to catch up on life!  It was lovely to hear all about the bride and groom’s plans, to hear about Bridget and Jeff’s adventures in parenthood with Miss Adelaide, and to share the latest happenings in our world. But the most intriguing conversation of the night goes to learning about Jeff and Bridget’s health transformation. After becoming new parents and some inspirational documentaries, they have completely revamped their meals. Eating mostly fresh fruit and veggies, with limited meat and hardly anything processed – they explained the amazing benefits in energy, exercise, and body maintenance they experienced.


Those stories are always really inspiring, but what really made this one stand out was the raw honesty. The talked about the life changes it demands, the food prep it requires, and the prioritization you have to make in your life to achieve this new reality. No ands, ifs or buts about it – this was hard work – but they had done it and a year later seem to be really happy with the results. To top it all off – this is not a diet, a time drop the l-bs and get back to snacking afterward, or a “just see if we can do it” – it was a lifestyle change. To see their commitment really encouraged Danny and I – who do look at food as comfort and social and fun….. instead of fuel. I have always used my safety net of Juice Plus, to “bridge the gap” between what I should be eating and do eat. But listening to them, Danny and I both wondered if we should be considering the same efforts and not just bridge the gap – but close it.


Saturday we had a pretty low key day. Even though we were not responsible for keeping the sock drawer maintained – we still need to keep the space livable and with two dogs and a lot of stuff…. we had to have a little bit of cleaning time. Besides that we pretty much hung around. I worked on contract work and blogging most of the day – with a few errands sprinkled in. And Danny rested most of the day only venturing out for his cooking needs. Only being off IVs for a few days – and the new reality that bouncing back was going to be a bit harder at this juncture – he still needs a lot of down time. I was more than happy to oblige…. especially since it included him feeling good enough to make a pretty awesome Saturday night stay in dinner.


House Sitting March 2016
Saturday Night Chef March 2016
Saturday Night Date Night In March 2016
Sunday was Easter! So I woke up pretty early to run some last minute Easter Bunny errands, iron, do my nails and get ready for a day on the go. Danny and Q slept in – which gave me the perfect amount of time to Easter Basket prep!


Happy Easter! March 2016
Perhaps you are wondering the same as my husband – did you really pack up Easter basket supplies from our house to my in-laws to create baskets for my 30+ husband and dog? Yes, yes I did! I am the wife/puppy mom and I have been so very carefully trained….it is my job to make all holidays festive and fun…. plus I love a good Target crap aisle (as my family so affectionally calls it) – so you gotta re-use that stuff!!


Danny is really looking forward to spring in our backyard – so I got an item off his wish list, a bird house – plus some treats (before we go all food is fuel) to enjoy. The Easter Bunny brought me the journaling bible I wanted following this Lent  and Shape magazine (my two priorities going forward – health and faith….)plus a few treats to soak up the season as well! Quinlan – puppy dog toys, that he kindly shared with Mac. Everyone won!


Happy Easter from the Pups March 2016
Mornings are tough for us. It is hard for Danny to feel good right away and requires at least an hour of treatment before he is even off the couch. So we opted to go to 5:30 mass that night after my family’s gathering. It was a little cold for what everyone would like for the springtime holiday – but we still got togetoher with my mom’s side (the BIG Irish Catholic Family) to break bread and enjoy some beverages on the back deck – even if it required taking turns sitting by the fire pit.


But it was that evening that was a special treat. After mass Danny and I took the gift card my brother had so generously given us for Christmas (best secret santa EVER) and had a dinner just the two of us at Maggionos!


Besides the occasional hospital holiday, Danny and I have never spent a major holiday just the two of is…. and as he reminded me – with all this family who would want to? True….but it was a nice treat to just celebrate for a little on our own. That dinner we talked about the spring ahead, some of our hopes and goals for what our favorite seasons will hold, plans for the house, possible health plans for Danny, and the blog! It was a great night covering all my favorite topics and feeling genuinely blessed that another holiday we are here….together…. blessed with more than we deserve!


Easter with No Bunny Ears March 2016
Easter with Bunny Ears March 2016
Quinlan look at the camera March 2016
Hope your week is going well and let’s all get a little excited as we are quickly heading into the “end of week” in just a few hours…. weekend here we come!!


Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!


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