Sunday Night Pondering

Hello friends and happy Sunday night. It is one of those good Sunday nights – a little quiet to get things back to reset before another busy week. Currently I am listening to interviews with some of my favorite bloggers talking about capturing the quiet beauty in life, which has actually brought some reflection back on the gospel and homily today on mercy. On this calm spring night, I was not planning to post. The day had gotten away from me and the post I planned was a bit on the longer side…. so I thought, I will just let it go tonight. But hearing these words of wisdom being shared about the little moments in life and thinking back on the priest calling us to bring mercy to on another I was drawn here.


As Pope Francis has named this year the “Jubilee Year of Mercy” we are called as Catholics to improve our efforts regarding the corporal works of mercy. For those Catholics who may not have their handbook nearby or for non-Catholics examples of these include: “Feed the hungry”, “Shelter the Homeless” , “Visit the Prisoners”, “Visit the Sick”. You know the big efforts that we all know and are exceptionally good at during holidays, but sorta neglect on that random day in September.


It is always the duty of Catholics/Christians – and I believe as humans – for us to care for those in need. However this isn’t always something ready at any given moment. It can require connecting with the right charity, blocking the right time on the calendar, finding the proper funds to complete. It requires hard work and an extra effort of stepping out of our normal lives. These are good things – these are life altering things – by giving of yourself you could experience something you never knew you always wanted, or maybe even needed. And I think all of us have wonderful intentions of taking the time – making the time – to improve these efforts. While we all sat in the pew thinking about our ideal charitable scenario – or even contemplating taking on something that feels uncomfortable – tonight our priest pointed something out to me…. don’t withhold your mercy to ALL people.


It is so common in these sorts of moments…. during this type of gospel for me to focus on what more I could do… or worse what I do already and could sorta, kinda count….. but never have I thought about what I am not doing to the people in my everyday world. What activities am I considering to show mercy in a BIG WAY, while withholding it from my daily life in all the little ways? Do I smile at others in a store? When in traffic, am I kind? When someone is at a meeting and won’t stop asking the same questions ten different ways – do I sigh or roll my eyes? When my husband is having a bad day and snaps at me – do I snap back? Please do not misunderstand me – being polite is not an exchange for leaving your comfort level and physically doing for someone else. However tonight at church, I felt completely “caught” in a world where there are opportunities all around me for mercy – to people of all walks of life – and yet I am choosing to wait for the right moment when I can so perfectly offer mercy in a dramatic way.


So tonight as I hear all these bloggers talk about capturing the good and special moments that happen day to day – to show their family how much they love them….. I am inspired to spread a little more mercy. Sure, I will continue to look for ways to reach out and help in big ways, to support causes close to my heart, or to give love to those the world deems “un-loveable”, but in the meantime – how about I see how much mercy I can show inside my own home, my family, my workplace, my roadways. The world could use a little more mercy …. thanks Pope Francis – that’s a good one.


So there you have it…. just a little words of wisdom that have inspired my Sunday and I hope I was able to eloquently bring to you. Have a beautiful week loves!


Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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