Dear Shannon

Dear Shannon, 

Stories are a very important part of who we are as people and where we come from. They are the way we can see and learn from life, teach others about our journey and who we are and how we can live on forever. Our duties here on this earth are to form a relationship with God Our Father and one of the most vital ways to do that is through the Bible – His words telling a story. It is weaved into who we are as creatures to see life through stories and share them with generations to come. 

Right now in our little world things are out of sort, life as “pear shaped” is one of my most favorite ways to look at the bumps. Its more serious than that and certainly very painful – but perhaps one of the hardest parts is sitting with the thousands of moments – big and small – of life creating our family that I know are still true. If the way a story ends does not match what you thought when you started it, is it still worth anything? Were the little stories developed along the way what we had actually experienced? True at the time? Or true anymore? But that is the things about stories, the reasons we have them is to capture that exact moment in time. And I know what those moments were and how they made me feel and what they taught me and where they have led…. quite a few many places, but maybe most important to you. 

This story – the BIG one of our family is still being written. My story, God willing, also has a long way to go. And you, my beautiful girl, at newly 13 months is just starting yours. All of them have the possibility to be beautiful – even in the broken parts. And I hope to be around for quite a few of your stories. But the other part of human existence is that we grow and change – so how we see the stories, hold the memories and experience the lessons will change with who we are in each new moment. I wish to share them with you from the closest perspective as I can to when they were happening and so that means writing and sharing them now. 

These stories will show you the beauty of how our world came to be and how it led to the start of whole new story. A new story that will create its own version, both intertwined with ours and all your own. Each of these stories hold a whole bunch of lessons and I hope to share the ones that were largest on my heart in that moment and I hope for you, these give just enough blank space for you to write your own lessons from them. 

We only have a few gifts we can truly give in this life and our story is one of the biggest ones. Shannon, thank you for letting me share this one… our story …. with you. And I hope this also gives you the experience to write your own, you come from a long line of story tellers… and I can’t wait to hear yours. 

Love to you my Shannon Girl,

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