Faith Finding: The Detour is the Road

View Outside Our Bedroom Window January 2019

Recently while catching up on one of my favorite podcasts: Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, I heard about the song “The Detour”. It is all about how often we feel we have been derailed. Suddenly we found ourselves on what feels like a detour either from where we want to be, where we are trying to be, or where we think we should be. Before we know it all of our thoughts, how we start each sentence, all our plans and how we view our current life is about how we have been thrown off our plan, but that we will get back there. This is not the plan, just a distraction or pause but soon we we will be back on the right journey, back to living our life, and back to the place we prefer we would be. But that is not the right perspective….. because the truth is life is happening right now, this moment IS our life: the detour is our road.

For our human ways that like the idea of following a plan, that celebrate setting out to do something and getting it done, that live in a world of manifesting your desire this message could sound very discouraging. My life isn’t the one that has distracted me, brought me pain, challenged me, disrupted me or maybe worse resulted in a loss- that is not my journey. This setback isn’t the dream I had, the plans I made or the future I envisioned – embracing it will just make it last longer or be some sort of acceptance that I have to be in this place. But when I heard this song it was actually a different reaction: freedom to be present. The detours are not exclusively considered a failure, rather they are part of the bigger story. Maybe they are in fact exactly where you are supposed to be…. what if this is the only way you can learn a really important lesson or discover something about yourself or find a new direction. The detour IS the road and maybe even the road to something pretty amazing….

This song… this message… brought a strength to my faith that is seeing me through a season that feels like a huge detour (maybe even more of desperately lost with no map feeling). But that maybe I have not done something wrong, but instead am just following my path and this detour is my journey.

If you are looking for encouragement or just a good reminder of how God uses all of our chapters… all of your journeys… every step: take a listen to this song and the podcast…. I hope it feels you with faith like it did for me. And a peace about whichever path you find your journey currently taking.

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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