Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Fall from the Bessette October 2016
Happy Fall from the Bessette
October 2016
Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving! We have so many things to be grateful for this year and at the very top of the list is our tribe! All of our family and friends – near and far – supporting us, cheering us on, sending prayers and love, and reminding us that this adventure in life we don’t walk alone. It is Danny and my sincere hope that we express our thanks throughout the year, especially when you all are providing support – but just in case, we want to share with you how much it truly means. Life is hard and challenging health can really be difficult. It is easy to run out of patience, to forget feeling hopeful, and to let your mind wander to the icky stuff. Yet somehow, you all know the prefect moment to show up, or send that text, and remind us that nothing is forever and that even if we are tired for the moment, you all are here to help us keep going. Thank you for being a part of our lives and loving us through it all!
Wedding Day July 17, 2010
Wedding Day
July 17, 2010
Last year’s Thanksgiving as you may remember we traded in our plans of a New York holiday for a stay in the hospital. It was not an ideal holiday, but I have to tell you that it really made us appreciate the simple fact of being home for the holiday this year. Of course there are so many things we wish for this Thanksgiving – Danny to feel better, for him to have energy to see the friends we want to visit, the appetite to enjoy his favorite holiday meal, and for us to be living the life we dream of! I know that in families all over the country there are tough moments on this day: illnesses that bring a black cloud over the day, family disagreements that make the visit uncomfortable, and sad memories of those who we wish were still here. But the beauty of this holiday is that it is centered around gratitude. And gratitude can change anything. So today I hope you found some peace in the little things – a cup of coffee, the deep hues of these fall colors, the smile that the warm Thanksgiving plate will provide- all of these things, so small, are reasons to be grateful – even if amongst pain. And gratitude for all these things are what really counts. Life is made up of all the little moments, it is our job to stop and enjoy them.
Bridget & Jeff's Wedding Dance Floor
Bridget & Jeff’s Wedding Dance Floor
So today, while we move very slow… don’t stick to any kind of plan….showed up late to our gathering…. and enjoyed the simple fact that we aren’t fighting with NG tubes and Starbucks was open…. we remember just how blessed we truly are – right here and right now. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!
Bessette Family Selfie May 2016
Bessette Family Selfie
May 2016

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