Girlmore Girls Return!

Well it is officially here…. the stores are buzzing, the family plans being made, the jolly music is playing – Holidays 2016 have arrived! This time of year really is full of special moments… and often I find they are somewhere between all the perfect ones you are trying to create! So I hope that this week offers you a chance to try out that Pinterest recipe, or hit the great sales – but to also quietly enjoy the blessings of your world. And if you are facing moments that aren’t feeling so blessed, remember that gratitude can go a long way to bring healing and a feeling of peace – even when you are facing uncertainty.


Well its true, the main even of this week is Thanksgiving…. and I won’t even try to argue with that! But there is a second BIG EVENT that I think trumps great sales, turkey sandwiches, pumpkin everything – ladies and gents, the Gilmore Girls are BACK! Yes, our Friday post-Thanksgiving will include a big WELCOME BACK to Lorelai and Rory in a 4 part serious on Netflix #ifyouneedmeillbeonthecouch
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Last year I binged watched the series and FELL IN LOVE! I had watched it on and off when it aired, but this time I watched it start to finish. The majority of my viewing happened to be that August full month Danny was in the hospital and the show became a bit of a security blanket. When it was dinner for one (well plus a Shiba) I distracted myself with an episode. When I needed to fold socks or food prep and I was NOT looking forward to it – I threw on my gals! And when I was up early on a Saturday morning with contract work and the silence was too loud to even work, I would throw on Netflix and find my happy place… ya know while working. Most of the show I “watched” while doing other things and yet, I still found myself laughing out loud at the banter, soaking up all the kooky characters, and losing it over all the touching moments. And when it came to that final episode….. ALL.THE.FEELS.


So in preparation for Friday I am watching the first, middle and last episode of all 7 seasons AND I wanted to share my top 10 reasons why this Friday is the PEFECT day to curl up with the Gilmore Girls:


1- Stars Hollow is where this story takes place and I am sure there is not a more perfect little New England town for fall landscapes…… the perfect ta ta to Autumn this Friday!


2- The show highlights the unbelievable complications that come from none other than…. families, perfect for the holidays! They drive you crazy, they make you see red, they leave you wondering if you are losing it…. and then you remember there isn’t anyone else that will ever take the place of your family. Thanks Gilmore’s for the reminder!


3- The Gilmore Girls are experts on two things…. first: cozy entertainment. I dare you to watch a few episodes and not want to host a movie marathon like Lorelai or curl up next to the fireplace with a really good book like Rory. A day following a busy holiday …. there is nothing more perfect than being cozy!


4- The second expertise? Junk food and coffee! That might be the only downside of this show…. it makes you crave 10 more cups of coffee than you would ever need and you DESPERATELY want to follow it up with a HUGE burger! Yes, these gals know how to eat….. and watching them will be sure to excite you for the holiday menus coming your way!
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest
5- When you have Lorelai in your life the possibilities are ENDLESS! It sounds silly BUT, it always struck me how she never looked at any problem as the final answer or a reason to give up….. in fact you get the feeling that she likes the challenge of impossible. What better way to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions than with a glass half full gal to inspire you!


6-  This show deals a lot in family ties…. but on the other hand it reminds you that friends are the family you choose! And sometimes its not always the people you even choose that become friends, but the strange and funny characters that wander into your life and somehow find a really special place in your heart. A few episodes in and you will be grateful for your tribe when your counting your own blessings!


7- What better way to take a break from the emotional roller coaster of holidays with the good kind of emotional journey: a story! The stories of these two ladies will make you laugh outloud, get mad, and then cry with relief in just one short season! It might not seem that deep at first glance… but I would be sure to watch with a box of tissues!
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest
8- Without giving too much away …… this show is proof that no matter how much you may not have loved every aspect of where you came from…. it makes you who you are and is really something to be appreciated.  Another important lesson for the holiday blessings reflection.


9-  Life is full of grand adventures…. big and small! No matter what Lorelai or Rory or up to – they turn it into a great adventure! Also while dreaming of the adventures life will offer them…. Our own lives are full of all sorts of experiences, this is the time of year to reflect on the adventures that have been had and whats to come… remember, the possibilities are endless!
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest
10- And finally – after this week we will officially welcome winter and I am not sure there is a greater lover of winter and snow than Lorelai Gilmore…. be sure to watch a few of the episodes that features that year’s first snow and you will be ready for a winter wonderland!
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest
So there you have it – my ten reasons to cancel all your Black Friday shopping plans and join me in saying welcome back to the Gilmore Girls!


Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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