The Celebration of the Mass

Yesterday I shared with you all the kick off to graduation celebrations with Bridget’s Baccalaureate Mass and it got me thinking about all the milestones in life we mark with the celebration of the Eurachrist. As Catholics, we believe the bread and wine are actually transformed during mass into the true body and blood of Christ. To many this seems like a very bizarre concept and I can tell you, although a born and bread Catholic, no amount of explaining that I tried could accuratly depict the the beauty of this belief. But I can tell you that it is a sign of the deep, earth shattering love our God has for us and the incredible sacrifice his son made so that we humans can not only be saved- but can be united to him with each and every mass that we attend. This is the most important practice of our faith and so to have the mass celebration, where we witness the transformation miracle, accompany each of our new chapters in life is so incredibly powerful.


Baccalaureate Mass 2016
So often Catholics are seen as rigid and way too focused on following the rules then truly experiencing the Christian faith. The celebration of the Eucharist is a gift and God being so present – physically and spiritually – is not about rules for me, but rather tradition and a true sign of my faith. To think the day I said I do to my husband we shared the Euchsrist- just like we did when we said goodbye to my grandfather or as my sister takes her first steps directly into to her future. Each of these life altering experiences share a common bond – we all came to the table of the Lord first.


Our Wedding Day July 2010
Sometimes I think about the millions of followers around the world who are celebrating their life’s cherished moments with the same celebration – it unites us. My ancestors of Italian and Irish decent all said these prayers, broke the bread of Christ, and chose to mark their journeys with this sign of faith.  It is not about making sure I say all my prayers properly as my Catholic duty, rather it’s that I want to share in these prayers of my faithful community.


Our Wedding Day July 2010
Then to know that Danny and my children will be brought into this faith and the descendants who follow from our family tree will share in the mass as they find their way and life’s journey. It is inspiring to know the faith we choose to live today will follow us for generations.


Our Wedding Day July 2010
Suddenly it’s not about making sure you follow the rules… Or the frustration of having to host such a long wedding ceremony to include a mass – instead incorporating the Eucharistic Celebration is to be a witness to our faith for others who came to to celebrate with us and a tradition of taking God with us all into our next chapter in life.


Our Wedding Day July 2010
If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith contact me.


Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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