Weekend That’s A Wrap

Hello friends – hope everyone has enjoyed wonderful holiday weekend and kick off to summer 2016! We are taking it slow here as June promises to be a fun filled and busy month…. so we are running errands, finalizing housing projects and getting caught up…. in between sneaking outside for naps in the sun or family walks. We LOVE summer!  While we enjoy this weekend though, I gotta four day weekend wrap to get to from last week!


Last week my work week ended on Wednesday. And if that was not gift enough – my final task for the week was to attend our end of show celebration – complete with our favorite minion theme (thanks to Bridget & Mom)!!
Thank you Minions! May 2016
So Thursday felt like my Saturday and how did my puppy and I celebrate?? We slept until 11 and then sat in the sun! Yup – we had a day of no schedules and just hanging around the house. It was lovely to leisurely work out, clean up a bit and know that no matter how I spent the hours I had today, there were three more days left to relish!


Random Thursday in the Sun May 2016
Thursday was gifted to me for a job well done at my conference, but Friday was a scheduled out of office so that we could meet with Fairfax Hosptial’s transplant team (in case Danny chooses to double list). Since mornings can be a little tough for Danny, we opted to head to his parents house Thursday night. That way he could get in all his treatments a little more easily before we had to be at the appointments.


Quinlan found Dan’s Old Tiger Toys May 2016
And since we popped down to that neck of the woods, we opted for a date night in the swanky new town center area for dinner and a movie. I love a date night- but there is something extra special about one that happens on a night when you are on break and the rest of the world has to go to work the next day!
Slumber Party in Vienna May 2016
Friday we grabbed our Starbucks and was at the hospital for a full morning of visits with the transplant team bright and early. It was good visit and we continue to feel blessed that we have options for care when it comes to the next steps. But may favorite part was an afternoon off for a late lunch outside in the sunshine and then a movie and nap with my boys!
Bessette Family Selfie May 2016
That evening Danny headed to hockey and I hit the mall with my mother in law for a little summer wardrobe shopping and dinner. All in all a great couple of days and it was only Friday night!
Bessette Men Walk the Doggies May 2016
Saturday was a home day. Quinlan and I slept in and the rest of the day we hung at the house mostly…. With just a quick visit to the Heppes to catch up with my favorite Ganmommy and her little buddy….


Best Friends Walker & Ganmommy May 2016
Who happens to also be one of Quinlan’s only friends … So he came along too!
Best Friends Quinlan & Walker May 2016
Then when Sunday finally came, we kicked off the official graduation events for Brig with the baccalaureatemass. We are Catholics and mark the importance of each milestone with our most holy celebration of the Eucharist. The seniors will graduate from the National shrine downtown, but there is not enough time for the ceremony and a mass, so this event is held a few days before the final ceremonies. Following the mass is a brunch for only the graduates and their parents, but all family members are welcome to attend church.
Baccalaureate Mass 2016
So Ganmommy and I also joined for Bridget’s mass and to pray for the future paths that lay before these students.
Baccalaureate Mass 2016
Baccalaureate Mass 2016
Hope you have enjoyed your long holiday weekend and are looking forward to a fun and sunny summer too! We have lots of great celebrations, weddings, and adventures planned…. Kicking off with Bishop O’Connell Grdauation 2016! Stay tuned for pictures!
Baccalaureate Mass 2016
Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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