Weekend – That’s A Wrap!

Its another Tuesday….. time for another Weekend Wrap-Up!

This past Friday’s original plan was that Danny would head off to a Capitals playoff game and I would lock myself in our home to wrap up the blog! But then all Dan’s invited guests could not make it….. and lucky for him I have no shame being a third choice – so we had a date night! And since I was not going to be productive at all – then I was going to make it a rocking date night – starting with the perfect outfit. The only requirement was for it to be “rocking the red”. I had worn a look to the office that would have worked, but I was just not feeling it…. so at lunch it was off to Target I went!

That afternoon with the perfect outfit on, Dan picked me up at the office with a Starbucks in hand – and we were off to the city! It was a great night and you can read more about why I prefer playoffs here. As you will see in that post – there have been moments during sporting games that we attend I have been known to get distracted with people watching. One of my favorite things was always watching couples, guessing their story, wondering what stage of life they were in, and what brought them to this game. Inevitably I would find a couple who were married. I would look at their left hands, signifying they belong to another – and I would wonder, will we be there someday? Would a ring feel weird to Danny? What is it like to be someone’s one and only forever, and wear a sign that says that to the world? Will we eventually be just one of the married folk who don’t even notice the ring, carrying on with life, just taking in a ball game? So that night as we waited through the commercial break and my eyes drifted to Dan’s lefthand I had to laugh…. we are there… and even if I dreamt about it, it still feels crazy that it came true! Date night – complete!

Caps Playoffs April 2016

Saturday morning we woke up to the ring a ding ding of our doorbell! The guy we have that helps us with the yard work had come bright and early to get us ready for spring. Danny can’t really be around mulch – just not good for his lungs. So we get the big part of the job taken care of by a profession, then just maintaining is the goal!

Caps Playoffs April 2016

This early wake up call was PERFECT for Danny – he jumped to and spent the next few hours cranking out a little bit of additional yard staging, laundry, and contract work. Me? No matter what I did I could not get my eyelids to stay open…. eventually I just gave in and needed a nap. I am not a nap person – cuddles with Q or a break to watch a movie – yes. Nap – no. It just leaves me tired and groggy. But this Saturday I zonked out and apparently really needed it. It has been a busy few weeks and it just caught up with me. Danny came up from the basement looking for his partner in crime to start hanging a few items and was so surprised to see me sleeping – he thought he would help me out a bit and by the next time my eyes opened it was to this sweet sight….

My After Nap Treat April 2016

Feeling so good about my nap choice, I took a little extra time to wake up and read for a bit too. It was just the energy boost I needed because after that it was several hours of deep house cleaning! And folks I am happy to report that I think this house is as clean as the moment we moved in! Organizing…. dusting…. floors…. vaccuum…. we SCRUBBED it clean – and with the help of my new favorite obsession: the Jamie Ivey Happy Hour podcast – I was entertained and motivated the whole time! Next week I head to Orlando for work and then meeting Danny at a wedding out of town… so our goal is to return to a spring cleaned home – done!


We ended that night cuddled up on the couch doing a little bit of work and watching a movie we have had on the list for awhile Brooklyn 1st! It was really interesting to see how the world viewed NYC and coming to America in the 1950s. The story was really sweet and I think Danny said it best – it was a simple story without anything too crazy….sorta how you would picture the real stories of those individuals – just searching for the American dream. Check it out!

Married April 2016
Spring Ready! April 2016

Sunday morning I was up and at it with a swing by the bagel story and heading into the office. We shipped all of our collateral for the meeting on Monday, so I needed a few quiet hours to get things finalized there. After that it was a few errands, a little deck sitting and a little work. Danny was in his recovery mode from his productive Saturday – but we both made it to mass that night and was able to catch up with my family……and catch a glimpse of Ganmommy who is always on the go- and this time back to the car!

Catching a glimpse of Ganmommy at churc April 2016

So there we have it – another weekend in the books! The next few will get a little crazy, so glad we got the house back to neutral – now just to get the most out of the week!! Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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