Weekend- That’s A Wrap

Happy Monday people! Are you soaking up the feelings of  one day down and only a few more to go until Friday? Yup – me too! It was a C~R~A~Z~Y Monday at the office which translates to the day is over in a blink of the eye.. just the way I like it!!


This weekend we laid pretty low. Friday night I got home from a busy week and Danny was returning from catching the 2016 high school national hockey tournament that was held at our local rink. So busy day for all and it is a Friday in Lent…. this can all only mean one thing: cheese pizza and movie night. Sounds a little quiet and boring….. but I had been dreaming of this moment since my alarm sounded that morning.


Quiet Nights at Home March 2016
This weekend was the local Pet Expo and we had been hearing from DC Shiba Inu (how we found Q!) rescue group of their plans to be there and showcase the available pups. We of course are all set in the pet department…. but it did make us laugh thinking back about 10 years ago to our first Pet Expo visit. At that time it had nothing to do with Shibas, but more about being in the phase of life where we had dates with all sorts of fun outings. That particular weekend we had my sister Bridget (8 at the time), and were looking for something extra fun to do. Danny stumbled on the Pet Expo, which was featuring baby tigers this year – his absolute FAVORITE animal (with plans to own one one day…. ya know when we hit the lottery)!  So we got to meet and hold a baby tiger…. with baby Bridget!


Our Pet Expo Spring 2006
This Sunday Danny’s parents were leaving for a 10 day cruise and we would be house and puppy sitting. So the rest of the weekend we pretty much cleaned the house top to bottom and packed up. Scrubbing bathrooms, finishing laundry, and organizing the food, clothes, medicine and puppy supplies needed for that week and half took a lot more coordinating then one would think….. but it will be AWESOME to return to a clean house and in the meantime it is nice to be settled with ALL the necessary amenities…..


TVs will Travel March 2016
Both Danny and I thought it was funny that it seemed like so much more of an effort to move ourselves to Vienna for a few days this go round. In years past we just piled ourselves up and camped out, but this trip felt much more complicated. Maybe it was all the medical supplies, maybe it was having to move contract work, perhaps as simple as the fact that we are extending the stay beyond just a week…..but what do I really think it was? Realizing that we are leaving our home! It is so nice to feel we are settled and have a place all our own… and being gone will make us appreciate it that much more! So for now – we will take being at my in-laws as a chance to enjoy the most comfy couch ever!


Comfy Couch March 2016
And as a final send off into a fantastic week….remember the sweet friend I have been telling you about that was expecting twins??? Well  – they are here!!! Teddy and Roma Scott!!


Welcome to the World little Scott Kiddos March 2016
One evening Danny found on massive clearance this Kentucky sweater….. so we bought it for our favorite Kentucky fan…. and now he has a whole family to cheer with him!! Congratulations Scott family…. we love you guys!


Have a great week folks!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!


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