Weekend That’s A Wrap!

Happy Mardi Gras friends! We just finished our official Fat Tuesday meal….. Popeyes!! A little fun fact – I was born in New Orleans! That’s right, my parents called me the “ragin cajun”! Although I only lived there for a little bit -we are talking weeks – I still can appreciate good ole southern cooking! If it is fried, has seafood, served with grits, includes fried chicken, wrapped in a biscuit, got some sweetness – count me right on in!!


Well the Bessette’s hope to use this Lent to take better care of our bodies and our bank account, so eating out is hopefully going to be greatly reduced. Tonight while I chopped and blended my veggies and fruits for the rest of this week’s lunches, Danny decided we would really say good bye to our bad habits hard and indulge first! Yummy!


Plus if we are being really honest  – today, I was in a terrible mood. I was CONVINCED the snow they called for last night that could get up to 8 inches was coming and I was preparing for a snow day. I know, I know – more snow – really?? But I wanted it so bad….just one more excuse to be in my jammies, read, watch a movie and make any kind of dent in my to do list. We have so much going on right now – some good, some REALLY good, and some hard – but it all boils down to one word: B*U*S*Y and I needed just a little more time at home.


Wishing for Some Snow February 2016
As I jumped out of bed (don’t you always wake up best when you know you may not have to actually get up)and peeked out the window it was a very sad sight- NOTHING. The tiniest bit of pitiful rain….and off to work I went. By the time I left the house the snow had started up, but no accumulation. It was pretty, but not the day I had in mind. Sigh -maybe next week. And just in case God might forget what I am asking for -we have a festive mantle to help us dream of a winter wonderland.


Let It Snow Mantel February 2016
While I dream of more time off, let’s revisit how I have used my weekends….and maybe why I want just a little more time hiding away with my boys!
Our first weekend out from the snow was a divided right down the middle – full Saturday and quieter Sunday. But to kick it all off – a pedicure Friday! I love a pedicure…..coffee, a magazine or good book and hot stone massage – it is my love language! And you know when snow messes with the regular schedule and 5 work days gets pushed tighter into 2.5 work days – it is a crazy! A relaxing Friday pedicure followed by pizza with a movie and my boys is just what the doctor ordered!


Pedicure Friday February 2016
Saturday morning we spent sorta re-setting. Determining what errands we needed to run, what food did we need to get, what to dos did we need to get done. Being locked away the weekend before, we sorta neglected our chores and ate our way through the pantry. Time to reload – and maybe scrub a few bathrooms and floors.


That afternoon I headed out for the rest of the day and Danny rested. All that snow removal had caught up with him and he had a big week at O’Connell starting that Monday – so he took a breather at home.


Me? I was off to the races! First up a very special friend of mine’s baby shower!  This lady- from good ole DJO days – has been a light in my life for over a decade. She is the kind of person that builds you up and makes it as if life is just at your fingertips. She has spent so many hours with me dissecting the ways of life, discussing the dynamics of family make-up, and over the last few years the realities of becoming a wife….and now she will become a mom! And not to just one bundle of joy but TWO! One little boy and one little girl!! This one in million gal has not announced her little ones to be on the inter webs yet, so I am not going to either….. so for now, we just enjoyed toasting the two little blessings that will make their appearance this spring. During what I might add is the best birthday month… March!!


That evening I joined my extended family on my mom’s side, the Flaherty’s, to toast to my grandfather’s birthday. This year I have been thinking of him a lot. Being an older cousin in the bunch, I had the opportunity to really get to know him. As a kid he was the quieter grandparent. When we all came to visit he was not running out the door to greet us! Nope –  you would go to him, usually in his chair (and not the big leather manly kind, rather the simple one that matched my grandma’s), quietly, patiently waiting for us to say hello. Now you all know I love my Ganommy and her antics have made me laugh until I cry…. but those quiet moments where I kissed my Gandaddy’s cheek and he would smile as if  I had just made his whole day….. those moments I loved.


Yellow Roses for Ganmommy February 2016
In fact I sorta liked it better – EVERYONE had something to tell Ganmommy, trying to get her to release a shriek of her special laughter – but Gandaddy, I never fought for attention, nope he grabbed my hand, looked right in my eyes and asked me – how I was. The older I got, I sorta felt like he was waiting just for me. And years later…. I can feel his hand grab mine or smell his scent of gin and summer as if it were yesterday. As I grew we would talk and he always beamed at me. The sweet kind smile, always was so patient taking in my every word – and Lord knows those are a lot of words. At the end of it all he would tell me he was proud of me…. he would tell me I would do great things.


We lost him in the August of 2002. Although it was very sudden and painful (I would take more time in a heart beat), I also feel lucky. There are 23 of us, yet I really got to know him. During his final days they did not want grandkids around – my grandmother didn’t want us to be around sadness, no one wanted us to remember him like that. And somehow the stars aligned and I picked my mom up one day from their house. For some reason there in his living room we were alone again. This time no warm smile and his eyes were closed – but just like all my kiddo years there he was waiting for me to say hello.


My Ganmommy lives mostly with my parents now – but she still has her house and gets back there pretty regularly. This particular night that is where we all gathered to celebrate him – it was so very perfect that we were in that living room yet again. He is not there and actually the matching chairs they shared aren’t there anymore either…. but we were there, crammed in the living room – his room, with his bride. With some yellow roses. He always bought her yellow roses, so on this day that is what I did. Sat with her and her flowers by the fire. These are the moments….


Sunday was a home day, thankfully. I had a lot of contract work, mass, the grocery store, last of our snow removal to do (broke the shovel) and we had a good friend coming to stay with us Monday night – so of course scrabbling to finish getting the house together. My Sundays are always a rare blend of peace – since we are usually home – and disappointment – another weekend almost gone!  Luckily that week was full of so very many fun moments (I will be recapping in another post), that it wasn’t so bad seeing the weekend go!


Final Snow Digging Out February 2016
That brings us to this past weekend….. another FULL one!
Friday we had the SUPERDANCE Assembly – which stay tuned for that fun…. it was an awesome day!! Followed by Dan’s hockey game that night, where good friends of ours, Amanda and Cliff met us there. As you may recall – Amanda is my best friend from GRADE SCHOOL who has also hitched her wagon to a hockey hunk!! So we four LOVE to get together where we laugh about us gals not knowing enough about hockey, the boys can’t seem to cover the hockey topics fast enough, and we ALL laugh at the babies we have that have 4 legs! After the game we grabbed a few drinks at the Ashburn hot spot, Ford’s- where I indulged in my favorite margaritas!


Friday Night Drinks February 2016
Saturday it was off the races again as we got up, showered, packed up and hit the road for the day – all three of us! Danny and I were headed to meet friends’ newest little one and bring them lunch, while Quinlan would log some time with the Bessettes!


We are at the age where lots of our friends are entering parenthood. It is such an honor to be asked to come over and meet the little person that is all their own! Watching each of them navigate this new journey with their own style and flair is so interesting to me. Everyone is different and they are all being blessed with the gift of family – and even if a lot of the basics about babies is the same, I love that you can see each couple’s own personalities and styles come through in their experience.


We visited with Lacey, Bryan and little Bryce! And true to form – even in sweats – they look like the coolest most well dressed family – who probably did not try at all and rolled out of bed looking calm, cool and fabulous! Lacey went to high school with Danny and I and in our early 20s was part of our Friday and Saturday night party crowd. Lacey and I would end up rooming together until I got engaged. A lot of years logged, yet now we do not see them as much as we would like….but being there the night Lacey and Bryan met and then said their vows  – I am just in awe that now we get to meet their son. Life is so incredible! Many years ago I was a underclassman who thought Lacey was the coolest girl with the best hair (all still true) and that it would be just so cool to be her friend…..and you know what – it has been really cool being her friend! Congrats Lacey and Bryan!


That afternoon we met back at Dan’s parents house to just hang out in the basement….some played ping pong, I wrote a little – just being until we ventured out for John’s birthday. Poor guy’s day has been snowed out twice – so FINALLY today we had our toast to his birthday!


Writing Fireside February 2016
Ping Pong & Family Time February 2016
We hit the hay pretty darn early that night, which was good since Sunday morning came bright and early… puppy training!! We have elected to do Bark Busters with Quinlan – but between Dan’s hospital stays, the holidays, our trainer’s own medical adventure, and snow…. we had to reschedule A LOT! It had been over a month since we had been with our trainer so we did a few new things  – but mostly just became reacquainted. The training will be a BIG part of our winter and into spring so it was nice to get going once again.


And since school is so much work…. afterward Quinlan and I took a little siesta before logging some hours in the loft working.


Momma & Shiba Nap February 2016
That evening we watched some of the Super Bowl – and Puppy Bowl – but only until Danny headed off to hockey games (his team is crazy busy with make-ups from the snow) and I continued my office work.


Super Bowl Party for 2 February 2016
So there we have it – been quiet a lot of busy and social time – with luckily a few naps and pedicures sprinkled in between! The rest of this month will be extremely busy with full time work, contract work, blog happenings (YAHOO!!!!) and social fun….  and we are so glad you have decided to come along! Until next time… let’s all hope for a little more snow (days off to be specific )…. have a great week!


Thank you of reading and remember to make it a great day!

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