Shannon Sings

When Danny and I started our journey to kids the original route was adoption. My daydreaming was consumed with a girl that could sing. I think it was the way my mind and heart were processing the idea that a non-genetic connection could produce a whole new set of talents to our family. Then when we were pregnant and even when Shannon was little and seemed to respond to music, I would wonder aloud about my musical vision and Danny would remind me the unlikeliness of that with her completely lack of musically talented parents. And yet here we are with my little musical lady who lives for singing and dancing. The movie Sing is on daily and her opinion around what fills the car speakers has gotten quite strong.

Having fun at her school’s Valentine’s Party February 2022

I fear writing these words because the idea that a little being who deserves to live in complete bliss, holds such a responsibility, but the truth is she does hold my joy in her little hands and is my reason for giving each day a new chance. And the funny thing is as I worry about giving her 23lb self such a duty, she truly does teach me constantly the incredibly large lessons of life! And most recently I realized the wisdom coming from the gift of her singing.

The songs that are on repeat in Shannon’s world and requests to jam to:

Shake it off (the Sing version)

I am still standing (the sing version)

Bye bye bye

Thy Will

Rise up

Happy and you know it

Trolls just want to have fun

Take a look at that list. I am entertained to no end with her little voice sending the lyrics out into our universe, tickled by her dance moves, and impressed with her memory that will call on these songs when they are both being played or when she is just playing on her own. But recently I stopped to really listen to each songs’ messages. Shannon is calling me constantly to start a new, choose happy, don’t give up, and most important to remember God is here. Shannon is able to be joyful and filled with such happiness that she sings a little tune because she knows she is loved, she is being taken care of and her needs are being met. Isn’t that what God calls me to do as well? Act outside of what my circumstances dictate, so much so I can’t help but belt out a little tune?

Being a goofball at school February 2022

Shannon, you make me smile and bring incredible purpose and unmatched joy to my life through so many shared moments. The gift of care free living you embody and then how you share it with those who come into your world is heaven sent. Thank you for being a light of pure happiness and incredible wisdom. My only regret in this moment? That I have not had luck capturing you on film…. hopefully that will change sometime soon. Until then, keep singing my sweet girl and thank you for being the example I need to live in joy.

Having Fun with Mil Mil August 2021

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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