Faith Finding: What Else You Gonna Do?

Father Schmitz Podcast Bible in a Year January 2021

This year will most definitely be marked by The Bible in a Year podcast with Father Schmitz. It has been an incredible journey and a great tool for learning to make the Bible a daily part of your life. Each day includes several passages from the Bible and then a mini-homily of sorts that Father shares what is important to note about that day’s readings.

Recently we completed readings that were about giving up beliefs, or having to live without the Lord and Father put the response so simple: “well what are you gonna do, give up your faith?” I can’t tell you what day of the Bible reading it is… I can’t recall what stories of the Bible he had shared… but I can tell you that simple question has stuck with me and echoed in my mind for days.

There are so many times when my brain will entertain the thought of another option. What if…. And I can most certainly be counted on for the little escapes from the path towards Him: sharing that little piece of gossip, choosing to say “why me?”instead of “this is how I am still blessed” or letting my language sound a little more like sailor then a Catholic. But when the big moments have shown up lately… when the “what your made of stuff” is being questioned, when I have to dig deep I have found my answer in just letting go and letting Him. Sometimes it has been through courage, strength, conviction…. But as the road can get long during this season, it has actually become pretty simple: “what am I gonna do, give up on my faith?”

Saint Theresa March 2021

Right now distraction, hidden truths and confusion reign supreme. Most certainly in the world… and I can only speak for myself- but in my home, family and heart too. The primary ways to combat that is faith and leaning into known truths. A known truth is that faith and God will never go away. Knowing that and choosing that as always the answer can take a lot of questions or options off the table. You have made the choice, and thus you may not have to make other choices. In a world that capitalizes on decision fatigue, I am grateful to have something already decided. Because in the end, what else am I gonna do?

Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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  1. The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) been amazing I would recommend anybody to start it but they are looking to deepen their happiness and peacefulness.

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