Happy happy Birthday Sawyer!

Happy happy birthday to my brother Sawyer! It’s August which means it time to celebrate you and that is just what I wanted to do on the blog!

My brothers – Grant and Sawyer! November 2017

Sawyer, one of the things I admire about you most is how much you look forward to something. Whether it’s a simple afternoon ice cream stop with Mils to our biggest holiday of the year: Thanksgiving with all Heppes. You pump up the anticipation, always consider how we can make it the best yet, and you can always be counted on for good execution: finding that fun drink recipe to organizing a gift exchange or researching the best place to grab a bite. Time together is such a gift we learned the last year + and I so appreciate your desire to not just savor it, but to truly celebrate it!

Heppes DJO Graduates Grant ’07, Danny ’02, Jackie ’03, Katy’10, Bridget ’16, Sawyer ’07

It’s true that you and I started the sibling gang for the Heppes and so I Iove that we both know how special it is. When it comes to encouraging us to get together, to find ways to have fun – I can always count on you to be leader and I know you are also looking forward to it as much as I am. Now my contributions tend to be more emotional, so it makes your contributions being about fun a great balance. We are a good team in that way!

Happy 29th Sawyer!

And finally I can’t acknowledge your special day without keeping in mind the efforts you make for the grandkids to have special birthdays and holidays. Where many others’ gifts are functional or practical- yours are always fun and something that specific kiddo really enjoys, even the really little ones! Your a big kid at heart and I am grateful that you choose to share that with our family and especially the babies!

Happiest of birthdays to you Sawyer!

Since my family is leaving the Ashburn Area, Sawyer got us our favorite bagel spot T-shirts December 2018

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