Happy Birthday Grant !

Thanksgiving – Grant & I Prefer the legs November 2016

Happy happy birthday to Grant!! I am a little late to his June 27th celebration…. But regardless SUMMER we celebrate YOU and I wanted to do just that on the blog!

Jac, Dad and Grant at DHI Show May 2016

Grant, one of the things I admire most about you is the way you recognize the little idiosyncrasies in a person or the details of the moment and use them to tell a story better than anyone I know. Not only do you keep our family in hysterical laughter remembering the mundane afternoon in the Heppes basement or watching mom run errands, but you also have a way of reminding us of all the little gifts offered through the world we grew up in. I think of myself of the sentimental one who loves to capture the stories…. But the truth is you are perhaps even better than me…and I love to benefit from it.

The Heppes 5 at Our Engagement Party June 2010
Uncle Grant, Aunt Kelly and Shannon November 2020

That also means…. When it comes to being emotional: your my sibling. It’s funny how I have always sorta felt like we have shared a similar heart. Its funny to say as there are certainly things that make us differerent, but there are specific things (importance of standing up for a weaker person, working hard, loving hard and being ok with being moved emotionally) that are hard to deny and I am grateful to witness how you use these qualities and push myself to use them for as much good as you do.

Chicago Visit September 2018

However I also know that a lover of stories and a tender heart… it means the life moments mean a heck of a lot. For you the recent years have brought quite a few: a big move, a wife, your own home- and that milestones such as these are really important to you, your soaking them up… and I want you to know I am really grateful to be in your cheering section and watch you experience them with 150% enthusiasm. I hope this year brings even more and I can’t wait to celebrate with you … and of course to hear your humorous take on the details too. Because in about 15 years I am gonna want to retell of the story and to laugh really really hard.

Chicago Visit September 2018

Happiest birthday to you Grant! And I can’t wait for a chance to cheers to you in person!


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