Happy Birthday Katy

The Heppes Girls January 2019

A little bit delayed since she turned 29 on April 2 …. but still so excited to wish my sister Katy a fabulous birthday.

Bride & Matron of Honor January 2019

We live in a world where we are encouraged to celebrate our wins big. It is not seen as necessarily bragging or rude, rather important to acknowledge and honor your hard work, your effort, and your ability to set out for a goal and achieve. Around this sort of living I have mixed emotions about, but I will tell you it makes those people who seek to celebrate others stand our HUGE and my sister is one of the best I know.

Happy 90th Ganmommy! June 2013

Katy was the first one to be a mom, the first one to make a significant pay check, and the first one to buy a home of all our siblings. She and her husband Kyle have found a unique balance in their home and work life- they don’t even have normal weekends, their days are based around when they deem are the best for family and for work – something only earned by hard workers who aren’t concerned with “supposed to be” and focused more how to have full career and family. All of these facts could easily be translated to reasons for my sister to brag about her incredible wins, to repeat often how hard she works, to remind everyone that she has chosen her own path and made it work. And instead she is the kind of person that you have to ask about her success. If you compliment her on her house, she will thank you, express her excitement and then remind you it’s ok if your not there, cause it is a lot of work! If you say Katy the kids seem so grown up and great, she will smile and thank you and remind you of their recent melt down… saying that are sweet, but certainly a handful. In a world where accomplishments and perfection are on display all the time…. when it is acceptable to prove you have “made it” even if others around you have not…. when it’s considered strange to not remind everyone of the personal journey you are on and how hard you work… my sister is the breath of fresh air that gives new life to all around her. She isn’t concerned with proving where she on the path of life and instead places more value on being kind and protective to the hearts of those who choose to share themselves with her. And as a hair dresser, wife, mother, daughter, sister… it is a lot of people and she never misses a chance to offer this perspective and just genuine kindness.

Sisters & Littles at Trey’s Baby Shower April 2019
Heppes girls & the Groom January 2019

Katy, you have so many who love you, respect you and that turn to you when they need that kind and loving place to go. We know I do all the time, but even more than that I she always felt this extra luck that I don’t just get to call you when I need something, I get to be your sister and know I have you for ALL my somethings. As your life continues to find so much positive from being a wife, a mom (again soon ❤️), talented professional, homeowner… I am so proud to be able to be in your cheering section and enjoy the blessings with you! And to think you have helped to bring me to some of the most special and consistent people in my world, I am grateful. Another post is coming …. but your support for Shannon from when she was just a wish in my heart to her Godmother, I am so grateful she will have you as such a big part of her world too.

Aunt Jac & my Lola & Trey Trey June 2019

Happy birthday K, love you!

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