Valentine’s Day 2021

Growing up my mom was the Pinterest mom before Pinterest! She had such a great flair for decorating, making meals extra social, and giving us each little treats. It was such a big part of our childhood- green noodles for Saint Patrick’s day or the perfect sparkler hair bows for 4th of July…. I have definitely inherited mom’s love of decorating for every season and now with Shannon girl I want to be sure to create the same traditions around celebrating these holidays as a family.

Bessette’s Valentine’s Day February 2021

For Valentine’s this year, Danny was in the hospital, so it was a bit delayed. And we did not quite get to the festive brunch I had planned because Shannon gets up at the crack of dawn and Danny is more of a 1pm rising person, especially post hospital. So the main event were the little treats and decorations.

Bessette’s Valentine’s Day February 2021

From the start of our plans to have a family, Danny talked about having them help him in the kitchen. It is something he did with his family and wants to keep the tradition going. So I had the idea of aprons since Christmas and was able to make it happen for my Valentines.

Bessette’s Valentine’s Day February 2021

And for Mama and Shannon…. we did matching t-shirts ❤️.

Bessette’s Valentine’s Day February 2021

There were a few other cute treats like a little pink purse for Shannon girl and a stuffed puppacino for Quinlan. We enjoyed a fun family Sunday celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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