36…. wow. I journaled to God how it feels like a surprise to be 36. Not sure if It’s the surprise of where I am in life or what I have experienced that is so different than I expected. Or is it the speed of how things have felt and seems like it all went so fast? Either way, I am hear with a healthy body, full life and lots to look forward to and that is a gift.

Celebrating 36 in Charlottesville March 2021

To celebrate I took off Monday from work and went to my parent’s house in Charlottesville. Danny has been feeling a little better, but days of sleeping straight through still come up and we don’t know if he will be up for anything, so going to celebrate with my family was a way to assure some fun and Shannon and I being able to enjoy.

4 Generations of women to celebrate with March 2021

It was really good. We just got to hang out, sneak in a pedicure (the salon there is so much bigger than ones at home and I could social distance…. so my normally monthly treat could resume for a minute … and it was such a treat!!), enjoy some good food and great company.

Bridget, Shannon & the infamous “dog-dog” hang while I got my toes done March 2021

On Sunday for lunch the whole gang gathered (everyone but our Chicago family ☹️) at the golf club. We were able to reserve a private space that protected us from COVID and the restaurant from our crazy crew!! I have not been in a restaurant since we could reserve a private room at Thanksgiving and it was great. I love eating out…. and it has been disappointing to not be able to enjoy it, making this lunch truly a treat!

The Party People March 2021

The Heppes crew has gone from loud and lots of people to loud and lots of kiddos …. and I loved being with them all.

These two know how to party March 2021

We ended things with Bailey’s Irish Shamrock shake courtesy of my brother… super tasty for the month of St. Patrick!

Shamrock Shake March 2021

Monday I spent a slow morning having coffee and muffins with my parents and then headed home for an afternoon of hanging with our little family, my favorite restaurant as take out and what started as a home date night ended with a movie night while snuggling my girl who is teething. Hate that she is sick but holding the greatest part of 35 for the night was so good for my heart.

Birthday night with my little booboo…. March 2021

There are 3 things I want to do in this 36 year:

Family outing for the bday? Starbucks treat & waiting in the pharmacy parking lot March 2021

1- Pray often and about all things. I have established a strong (not perfect)  prayer routine…. but I want to pray and converse more with God throughout the day. Days when I turn to him in each moment are good days. And I have always found that power gratitude can have on your mods, outlook, and anxious thoughts to be awesome…. but someone pointed out to me, what if it was gratitude to GOD. Another way to just have my day revolve around Him. Game-changer.

2-Peace and family as the priority. By nature I am a people pleaser and excel in busy … but I see the negative results in my little family. I want my people here to come first with the goal of peace in our world. If something doesn’t start or end with the goal of peace, I need to really think about participating.

Post Birthday Celebrations March 2021

3-Boundaries. In 2016 I started seeing the therapist I have worked with for years with since ( Catholic and just a fantastic match). Those first few months we worked through boundaries A LOT (even reading some of the series and working through the workbooks). It was insightful, healing, and set up the best foundation for healing from a tough year. But as we all do… good and helper by habits can fall by the wayside when things are going well. And then if you really let them slip up, when life will become complicated bad habits return.  For 36 I am returning to my work on boundaries.

And one more from one of the cutest party guests March 2021

So there it is: another birthday in the books and some plans for the year ahead.  36…. here we go!

Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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