Lent 2021

We are well into the Lenten season for 2021 and to be honest I decided not to post about it. This year’s journey feels pretty personal and with so many layers…I am just not in a place to process out loud. And in that way that is so different for me. I can’t quite stream the words together… yet it feels like Lent has come at an important time and I am connected in a new way. Can you tell…. I am all over the place?!?!?

But …. this past week I heard one of the best explanations of Lent right now in this discussion between favorite blogger Kathryn Whitaker and the Ninja Warrior Priest Father Stephen Gadberry. When they talk about how in this current life we all know the feeling of loss: loss of expectation, loss of experience, loss of time and some even loss of loved one. As we hit the year mark on a global pandemic the feeling of loss is so clear… and they discuss how it could be just the thing we need to make space for Jesus to fill the holes of loss with his love.

You can find it on Kathryn’s You Tube Channel February 2021

Incredible….. I was blown away and then moved to tears. All these big and small moments I am wondering how to accept the loss…. praying to let it go…. trying to see it as a positive or part of the plan… or just bound and determined to not make those same losses part of the future…. I never once considered just stopping and letting Jesus fill the missing pieces with himself. Imagine literally joining him in the desert, sitting right next to him and letting him fill the losses. And knowing that we have 40 days with Jesus on that journey, means giving time to fix it is important and available….it feels like purpose in the pain. And it leaves you seeking him….. the truest meaning of Lent.

Whenever you are in your Lenten journey…. or maybe your not Catholic or Christian or on a journey like that at all….my guess is your still feeling a version of loss in these times. Check out this discussion and maybe join me in letting Jesus fill up the holes.

They were AWESOME February 2021

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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