What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends! Today we are changing it up and doing something a little fun: A What’s Up Wednesday! Mix and Match Mama is one of my favorite bloggers and each Wednesday for years she has had a monthly “What’s Up Wednesday” to give a little snap shot of life right now… and she invites folks to link up with her. So for 2021 I am joining the crew!

1 – What we are eating this week: The end of this week into the start of this week Shannon and I were hanging at my parents and my sister is head chef over there… while also vegetarian and she made us some AWESOME meals. My favorite a stir fry/lettuce wrap thing with Impossible “meat”- it was so tasty, I gobbled it up before even snapping a picture.

This is one of her creations in the fall- look at those mushrooms!!! So good! October 2020

2- What I am reminiscing about: Whenever it’s the start of a season change, I always find myself remembering back to other years of that switch up…. so right now as Monday had an ice storm and today is 60 degrees, I am thinking back to other starts of spring… in my 20s it was drinks outside, in college the switch to flip flops, and in high school throwing of that uniform sweater off AS SOON AS THE BELL RANG…. funny how sometimes it feels like life is at a standstill, but then you remember all the change we have seen… me? I am excited to breath the air with a hint of spring again!

First warmer days of Spring 2020 April

3- What I am loving: Typically a latte girl – ice latte if I am at a coffee shop – this winter season I enjoyed Cafe Mistos with Skim milk to be a little healthier, warmer, AND thanks to this fancy tool, I can make them at home with my coffee and steamed milk. Feels like an elevated cup of coffee but without alllll the extra stuff in a latte that makes leggings just a little tighter.

4- What we’ve been up to: Snow storms means my child care can get a little dicey…. and right now Danny is just not in a good place, so I don’t really have his help (in and out of Hopkins and fighting his own demons of sadness that comes with illness as your only form of existence) so the past few days to assure I could be hunkered down with support while I work, we were at my parents. It was a little crazy to pack … drive… unpack… visit… work… and realize my little on the go baby is more sensitive to change these days… but the moments with Shannon and Millie, or late night talks with mom or doing the Bible study my parents, sisters and I are doing together actually in the same room with my Dad, or seeing Shannon play with my Ganmommy, or laughing with my sister …. made the crazy busy have some really nice bright spots.

Living the life at Nana & Grandad’s February 2021
Being twins with cousin Millie February 2021

5 – What I am dreading: Honestly? Right now…. all things CF and transplant. It’s a hard road and the outcome is just so unknown. His physical #s look ok…. but he feels awful. Marriage and parenthood is all we ever wanted …. and right now those are allll traded for health discussions 24-7. But I am learning to love with the knot in my stomach and that keeping life going is not only ok… it’s best. God can handle some of this if I need to just focus on my little lady and my career. The homily this week is how would you live if you knew God was taking care of it all…. trying to do just that.

6- What I am working on: Well- work! There is so much possibility for our company …. but getting there is demanding a lot of stamina…. vision… and just hard work… but I always remind myself I never want to feel stuck or wasting away …. life right now is not even close! Some folks are working hard just to exist and I am grateful to be working at my passions.

Working with a friend on my lap after child care hours are over… October 2020

7 – What I am excited about: MARCH!!!! It is my birthday month with a little adventure planned to my parents – but for fun! And Saint Patrick’s Day……. but most exciting!?!???? Little Miss 1st Birthday…. and it will be Wild & One-derful!! 😉

We plan to party like Shannon’s hair… wild and ONE-derful February 2021

8 – What I am watching/reading: Recently on one of my snowy weekends I watched the original Little Women movie – one of my favorites! And after hearing so many of my favorite quotes and remembering how much I love the March sisters…. I decided to order the book! I anticipate loving it… stay tuned!

9 – What I am listening to: Right this second…. Salt N’ Peppar “Push It”… and you know what it is turning that mood right up…. sometimes you gotta go to the classics….

10 – What I am wearing: This fall I knew I would be the trash can dragger (we are in a townhouse and have to pull them around front), and the snow shoveler in our house this year, so when I saw Hunter boots on sale …. I treated myself and ya’ll they live up to the hype! My feet have never been warmer during a snowy season!

Good for snow and Christmas Events December 2920

11 – What I’m doing this weekend: Hopefully are fun Valentines!! I had it all ready to go for Vday Sunday…. but Dan was still at Hopkins… so hoping to celebrate all under one roof this weekend.

Shannon wants to know where her presents are! February 2021

12 – What am I looking forward to next month: Shannon girl being 1! Have not narrowed down all my plans, but planning to soak up the best part of this year…. my girl!

She is getting so big February 2021

13 – What else is new: Lent started last week and if you are looking for a 3-5 minute power boost in your day – check out Matthew Kelly Best Lent Ever. It is just the hope I have needed in this weird season and to experience the power of walking in faith for 40 days.

Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

One thought on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Thank you for sharing the point of your homily this week — how would I live if I knew God was taking care of it all? I know I’d have way fewer 3am worries for sure. Enjoy celebrating your Valentine’s and your little girl turning 1! I’m glad you have your parents house as an option for help right now, even though it may not be ideal.

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