Surprise – We are Pregnant!

Well friends if you follow us on social media than our big secret is out…. WE ARE PREGNANT and expecting our little baby girl in March!
Our Pregnancy Announcement
October 2019
So now we can be honest about all the extra quiet around here, on social media, even in our regular life. I had an uncle ask my mom if I had changed my cell number since I have not gotten back to his calls in weeks! It has been such an incredible journey to get to this point,  we have needed this time to be focused on health, this transition and balancing current life and how to get to the next step, parenthood. In fact when I wrote this post, so much of it was fueled by our choice to live life to the fullest and grow our family this year.  In fact when God was so gracious and answered our prayers with our little one, it hardly seemed real…. that was until it was very real with my not feeling so well and the challenge of adding another reason to get creative with how to balance regular life, CF life and now pregnancy! No matter the ups and downs though, it has been the most incredible blessing to know we have a little girl on the way and we are overjoyed.


Throughout our story of how to have a family and getting to this point there are so many amazing moments I want to capture. The beautiful ways that God has made Himself known during the pain and lessons, as well as the beauty and miracles has been astounding. But this is also completely new territory in terms of blogging, because this is life beyond just my perspective. When I chose to start sharing our story Danny was supportive as it would be through my eyes and about his health (of the things we choose to share). Nothing that was ever too secretive or personal and something we have felt called to share in an effort to help others. But the sharing of this new aspect of our life is choosing to open up a deeply personal place and an experience that is exclusive to both Danny and myself, not to mention this is her life. Talking about motherhood, sharing the happenings – that is all reasonable and the way we use the blog as a sort of memory book already, so I am looking forward to the same. But the telling of the story to this point and about our pregnancy isn’t just up to me. It will be a shift to require more thought and planning as to what is open for sharing and what will be left just for our little family. So thank you in advance for your patience and understanding of what is not open to the pages of the blog or for our sharing publicly. The world of sharing we live in holds so much beauty and joy, but you never want the sharing here to become more important than the living out there.


Danny’s Announcement
October 2019
Finally I want to say how exciting and real typing these words out makes this whole new part of our life. This is our year of HOPE and this has been a huge reason for why we selected that theme. Families and children join this world through so many unique paths, and we know firsthand how hard the walk to parenthood can be. One of my angst about sharing the news is how it will feel to others still searching for the path to their own families. All I can say is that my prayers are with those who have the desire for a family on their heart and we pray our story – what is shared and what is not – can be a source of hope and a reason to cling to faith. We have found both of these truths through our walk in marriage, CF, transplant and now growing our family. And although the hard was not always desired while experiencing it, it has contributed to the strength of each of us, our marriage, and our God – for that and the little baby in my belly, I am grateful.


Our Beach Trip Picture with 4 of us actually!
September 2019
Thank you so much for those who have shared in our overwhelming happiness, we are blessed with our little girl and the support of so many wondeful people.


God Bless,

3 thoughts on “Surprise – We are Pregnant!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Couldn’t think of two more deserving people. You will be amazing parents!!! And blessed with a little girl—ah! Enjoy every second!!! With love from Jackie, Matthew and our daughter, Dottie ❤️


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