The Last 90 Days

Last 90 Days Journal
September 2019
When you think of January 1 what comes to mind? A blank slate? A fresh start? A chance for change? So many of us love the option to declare a new year and dream of the possibilities. Even if they don’t always happen or the year brings something completely unexpected, I think the dreaming of possibilities should always be welcomed. Do we ever truly know what we are capable of? And what if the new year started a little earlier……


Tomorrow The Hollis Company will kick of their #Last90Days challenge. This is a program dedicated to the idea that we can treat the last 90 days of a year with the same fervor as January 1 and still see real change in this calendar year. This time of the year gets so busy at work, school, and home life. Its like the Halloween decor goes up and before you know it we are on a  mad dash through to Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then suddenly ringing in of a new year. And guess what,  you have no idea where the time went. However this challenge wants to ….well challenge us with that type of thinking.


What if you lived the next 90 days with focus, with a purpose and with the chance to build habits before 2020? It is a crazy time of the year, but the little tweaks or changes you can make mixed in with some intention can bring about huge transformation in your life. Even if you only do it 30% or 50%, chances are that is much more progress than the last 90 days for 2018 or 2017.


Over the last few years I have joined in on this challenge and really enjoyed it. The opportunity to learn how to be intentional and then put it into practice has been very eye opening. However it was the last 90 days of 2018 that changed my life. You can read about the practice here. Last year I entered the program with some serious goals in mind (check out my last post to see what these were)and I can tell you right now my life is living proof of the power of gratitude, writing your goals and intention. Of my goals from the 2018 last 90 days program…. even the stretch ones that I had no idea how they would happen…. 2  have happened and 1 experienced great progress. But guess what? While these changes were taking place it often involved a lot of hard work, sacrifice and being brave….. well that is where the habits and lessons in daily gratitude came in. Learning to keep going, have faith, and celebrate the many little and big things that are going right, make the longer journey easier. I am not exaggerating – this program had a powerful influence on my day to day life and where I find my world today.
Last 90 Days Package
September 2019
So if you are interested in joining in, making the most of your 2019 and kicking off 2020 with some AWESOME energy – sign up. And get ready to start up tomorrow! If you do, be sure to share it with me, so we can cheer each other on!


Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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