Progress Over Perfection

Remeber dreams need the little steps too March 2019

Happy Wednesday friends! Over here in our kneck of the woods things are a little all over the place and if I am being honest limbo stages like this can make my a-type feel a little unhinged. But this season of limbo is necessary to help move us into the future…. So instead of constantly trying to figure it all out -or even just WHEN it will be figured out- I am choosing to celebrate progress not perfection.

For Danny his healing is progressing but just so slow and the reality of no solid food is really setting in. As I shared on my stories recently, this surgery was laparoscopic, but Dan is so slender what normally requires just two incisions ended up needing six. That led to a lot of swelling and pain. But once that dissipated, we thought it would be more smooth sailing. However, Dan’s ability to get food in and keep it down has been a much harder than expected. All in all this has been mentally a challenge: will Danny ever feel good? BUT friends we needed his lung function to increase…. and it has…. and he still can’t even take a deep breath!! So this recovery is hard and this season of medical is feeling long BUT the whole point of drudging through is lung function and we are progressing in the right direction!

Last Days at DHI and working directly with my Dad March 9:00.

For me, I started my new job! It has been great and I am really excited but this means: new role, new responsibilities, new commute, new NORMAL. And even though I have been praying for the right steps forward and this opportunity has turned up in a crazy turn of events…. it can be hard to not wish I knew how it all will turn out. Plus I had dreams of getting EVERY SINGLE personal and blog thing done before starting the job…. I know- crazy idea (that is that whole perfection desire) – and that is a no! But again- the plan for 2019 was to hope for a new way forward and this step is a huge one in that direction!m

Finally Danny and I have a few other balls in the air that are requiring a bunch of little to dos, a bunch of planning (with plan versions A, B, C), and more than anything the flexibility and openness to the journey- life feels all over the place. But if hope and change is what we wanted, we have to remember that each little progression is more important that perfection! Change is possible, but perfection never is so its best to celebrate progression.

Last May Danny and I sat at our favorite little Mexican spot and clinked our margarita glasses promising life would be different by May 2019. We had a lot of ideas of what we wanted, but no idea which ones were pipe dreams and which ones were possible…. and how to even get started. So we did our best to cast the net for a variety of changes and do our best to just start to work on them. Above all: certainly life is different – so growing pains will exist. And yet, isn’t that part of lessons life teaches us?

So for every moment that I wish was more what I envision as “perfect” – I really do stop myself in my tracks and say… it’s more about progress and we are definitely there! The rest will come…. if your feeling less than perfect… I invite you to chalk it up to progress and just keep walking…. that is exactly what we are doing!

Thank you so much for reading and remember it make it a great day!


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