The Trifecta!

Card from My Sweet Friend Tara
Happy Tuesday friends! Yesterday in my a-type world where OCD practices reign and organization is a comfort we had the trifecta: the first day of a new month, on the start of a new week, during the welcoming of a new season! As I flipped to that new set of calander pages over the weekend my heart did a little leap for joy…. a blank slate: think of the possibilities!


In our world May has brought a lot to look forward to and something that has been really exciting for us, we have wondered if we will actually get a chance to experience all of it without the fear of illness disruption. This refreshing feeling made me also wonder – what else could be out there to experience?


Here on a the HALF blog, I talk a lot about possibilities…. setting goals… dreaming … because I truly believe if you set out to make something happen life will change. The road may not take you where you expect it… but it will take you on a journey and for a purpose. The only rule is, you have to do the work.


So today I wanted to share a few tricks, tools, and resources that I have found to motivate me to keep working towards my goals:


1- Set an alarm: In addition to my 10 minute rule, I also have been using my phone alarms to stay on task. In the morning I have an alarm to warn me of 10 minutes before I have to go and then an alarm for go time (that is set even a little earlier than I need to leave). It is amazing what being realistic with yourself on what time is can do for staying on task!


2- Sunday planning sessions: Every Sunday I try and carve out time to food prep, plan my weekly outfits, write out my week’s schedule, and go over to dos with Danny. Having this time to actually reset (and I often try and reset my loft area – where I go to work, relax, and have me time), helps you start your week feeling refreshed and in control.


3- Evernote: This is where I have my second brain walking around outside my head and it allows me to work on my goals from anywhere.


4 – Grace Not Perfection: Looking for a way to get some practical advice and motivation to live life? Check out Emily Ley’s book. I am still in the middle of reading it, but it has helped me to forgive myself a little more for seeking perfection, with some encouragement to dream big!


5-Rachel Hollis – This blogger just speaks right to my heart and motivates me all the time! Check out these videos for inspiration on daily life, to stop making excuses, and to make time to work on your goals. I know it sounds a little crazy, but people like Rachel are achieving their goals, while just living regular old life! Why not cheat off their sheet a little bit?


6 – Lunch Hour – One blogger was asked how she was able to work on her blog, have a job, be a mom, and complete all these fun projects. She posed a question back – what if you had 5 hours a week to work on your blog – would that help? Why yes, Cassie it would… she reminded me that we all have lunch hours…. image the possibilities if you used that hour?


7- Read –  As you all know I have made a bigger effort to read and I have to tell you there is no better way to get the creative juices flowing, escape the real world, and find a little you time….anywhere!!


8- Boundaries Book  – One of the things I am being coached on during this challenging season is boundaries and was instructed to read this book. I am still in the middle of it, but this line stopped me dead in my tracks: “….our goal is to help you use biblical boundaries appropriately so that you can experience the relationships and achieve the purposes that God intends for you as his child.” And I would say if it speaks to you – pick up this book and workbook right away!


My whole life has challenged me to step back and say – now what? What does life have in store for me? What does God want from me? What could the future hold? And the only true answer I know of: I have to do the work towards figuring it out. This spring and summer I am going to be dedicating time to daily prayer, opting for more hours in Adoration, and taking steps to be actively choosing how I live this life I have been given.  If you too are searching – the start of May is calling and why not join me?


Have some suggestions of how to live more presently? Share them below!


Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

2 thoughts on “The Trifecta!

  1. Great post Jackie…suggestion: try to resist thinking of tomorrow, next week or next year. Just look at the day and you will feel less stressed. It is something I am working on.

    Love Dad


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