Hopkins Remix – Day 7

Snowy Hospital Weekend January 2017

Well we had hoped for an exit today…. the official week mark, but no cigar! Danny is still not eating real meals that test his body’s ability to move food through – plus blood sugars are wacky – so he has secured himself another spot in the hospital. Luckily Santa paid a delayed visit to Danny yesterday and replaced the iPad that had gotten into a scuffle with an IV pole a few stays back – so a new toy is providing distraction and another screen to watch sports. 

One positive is that we are trying to schedule the Wednesday appointments for tomorrow so that when I come to pick Dan up, we can knock out the tests, check-ups, and doc meetings in hopes of staying home the rest of the week. All fingers, toes – heck let’s throw in some arms and legs too- that tomorrow will be jailbreak day and we can get these appointments done. Stay tuned! 

For me – I am out of clothes and need a puppy fix- so home it is. We said Sunday I would go home and even though I am coming back in the morning, we are sticking with the original plan to go back to VA. In the hospital and medical world, that is completely out of our control, sticking to the plans we make does provide a sense of comfort so we are going with it. Plus we don’t want Quinlan to forget what we look like… 

It’s a waiting game and although frustrating and I wanted to be angry this morning when Dan called with the update – I remembered what I felt yesterday…. waiting is just what we have to learn to do. And if I am being honest- my world comes unglued (my work schedule will be changed again, my sleep will remain interrupted, my diet a mess), but it’s Danny who is doing the time. So any emotion of total frustration I feel – or the desire to tell the resident today to go to H-E-double hockey sticks when he came in with some ideas on blood sugar, but had never realized Dan had a lung transplant or much info on CF (big eyes, annoyed emoji that screams “are you kidding me”), I am controling, knowing that Dan has it worst for sure. 

As we start a new week – we are really looking forward to home, excited to have some last little bit of time with Brig home from school, have some fun visitors coming to help, and I look forward to getting my schedule back and hitting the office – I am grateful for the sun that will rise and the life we are eager to get back to doing. 

Happy Sunday all!


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