Hopkins Remix – Day 5 

Go Lightly Arrived January 2017
Today’s report is pretty similar to yesterday …. with the addition of Go Lightly. We approached the morning start time of 10:30 with Go Lightly, Gatorade, ice, warm blankets, our walking shoes and some big cups of coffee! We were ready to knock this blockage OUT. But we did not… it has budged a little and sent a few warning shots, but beside that – nothing. After a full day of trying things Danny “tapped out” for the night. He needs rest and a break from the wondering- and frankly so did I! <
So he is resting and trying to continue to sip on his special potion at the hospital and I am curled up in the hotel bed taking my own breath. Tomorrrow we will try again. <
The silver lining- Danny’s steroids have been administered far enough that he will need some extra guidance on the blood sugars, but can go home. There are no further surprises or complications there. Still, we will have a variety of appointments next week to keep things in check: confirming the stabilizing of the lung damage, working on the blood sugars, physical rehab, and our weekly round robin on Wednesday- but really all things that can be done outpatient. This is good…. except that it makes you even more angry at that darn blockage. <
The other part that we have to be grateful for, since the blockage is so much smaller and in a different part of the intestines, pain is immensely better. If this was any other blockage – or even Tuesday of this week- taking breaks wouldn’t even be a possibility, the pain istoo  severe. So enjoying the chance to pause and go to sleep knowing we did what we could- start again tomorrow! 


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