These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things about being a blog follower is how the experience goes from just following along to eventually feeling like you are taking advice from a friend. As a result of my love for blogs, I have purchased clothes, tried hair styles, decorated mantles, read books, organized my office, discovered health tricks, and become inspired in countless ways! Reading about a solution that an everyday person, just like me, finds enriching to their lives has been really helpful – so here on HALF I thought I would get in on the info sharing action and include a weekly favorites post!  Each week I will share one of my favorites things! The topic areas will range from favorite clothes to organizing solutions to health tricks. Really anything that I feel we just can’t live without – or would really not want to – at the Bessette home and maybe you can find something you love too!


Well – today’s Favorites Thing was not going to be a book…..but friends, I spent the weekend absorbed in Emily Giffin’s new book – “First Comes Love” – so I felt like that had to be today’s favorite thing!
Picked up at Target July 2016
Picked up at Target
July 2016
A few years ago my sweet friend Libby bought “Something Blue” by Emily Giffin while in an  airport and quickly passed it along to me. This was a book in a series that was supposed to be read  “Something Borrowed” and then “Something Blue” ….but Libs had happened to read it backwards and since she was my intro to this author, so did I. At the time those books were pretty popular and EVERYONE seemed to have an opinion on the characters and the plot that varied from mine – because I had read it out of order. This experience made me really admire this author’s talent. How she could evoke such strong and differing emotions from readers, based solely on the order of how the characters are introduced and developed is impressive. How we are all reading the same words, but experiencing such different view points fascinated me. I was a fan!
Got Hooked July 2016
Got Hooked
July 2016
This new story offers the same qualities I love in a good novel – characters you love and hate and love again and settings where you can taste the cocktails, or relish the feelings of a walking a busy city street. Suddenly I become a part of these people’s lives, that you fear the end of the book because that means you won’t get to peer into their world any longer. For me  – that is a good book! And this one happens to be all about the complicated relationships of siblings and the serendipity of life…. if you know me – this could not be a more perfect match.
And will finish it in just over a week August 2016
And will finish it in just over a week
August 2016
If your looking for a good summertime read to help get you through the final months of pool sitting, deck sunning, and beach loaning – I highly recommend Emily Giffin’s First Comes Love, or any of her books! And no surprise, this one was recommend to me by Libby…. thanks for another AWESOME escape.


Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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