Weekend – That’s A Wrap x 2

Good morning to all! We got a few weekends to wrap up….our schedules have been all over the place these past two weeks with graduation fun and not a hospital tune up. So lets get right back to it – shall we?
The weekend of the 27th was the kick off to summer with Memorial Day 2016! Since Thursday night was prom and my parents and Ganmommy headed with us to the waterfront following picture taking for dinner, Friday night was way low key. I had left work early Thursday, so had a few things to wrap before the long weekend.
Sometimes it can be frustrating to have a to do list follow you home…. But this evening I worked with a tall ice coffee in hand, on a project I am super excited for, and with beautiful view of our home and my favorite boys. When you translate hard work to helping create a life you are blessed to be living- suddenly things actually feel pretty darn good!
Friday Night Work Session May 2016
We are currently in the season of life that if Danny is out and about, he needs a lot of recovery time before the next thing. We had planned to have some downtime that weekend to prepare for all the graduation events the following week!
These days can come in handy when I have errands to run and some retail therapy to get to…. So Satuday morning as Dan was at home catching some ZZZZZs- I hit up the mall and target!
My mission – Graduation Dress and Target May 2016
Which resulted in the runners we have been  eyeing for the kitchen. I am not a chef but I have no idea how Danny’s been able to cook so long in this kitchen without the perfect accent rugs!
New Accent Red for our Black & White with touches of Red Kitchen May 2016
That night we had hoped to get out for a bit and head to some family BBQs….. But Dan was still feeling off, so Quinlan and I hung at home and caught up on some DVR together.
DVR and Shiba Time May 2016
Sunday we had plans to meet with good friends who were in town for a family graduation …. But Dan woke up still up feeling rough…. So it was a day at home. These moments can be really frustrating – especially once we know that is going to be the whole weekend….. But taking a little break to visit my Ganmommy and Walker pup reminded me that fun is still to be had- even in the little moments. I am so happy she is close so I can squeeze in a visit to feel refresh, renewed, and get a joyful perspective on life.
Ganmommy and Her Best Friend Walker May 2016
The good news was we had awesome weather throughout the weekend and the holidays Monday, so I got to enjoy the start of summer doing one of my favorite things- reading in the sun!
Enjoying the kick off to Summer at Our House May 2016
This happens to also be a favorite pastime of my furry friend – minus the book part – I think he just contemplates life instead.
Working on his Tan May 2016
The weekend ended with some much needed work and a team Bessette meeting. We didn’t have all the fun we had hoped for- but we did have a chance to get ready for the week!
Bessette Family Meeting May 2016
The following few days of the next week were full to the brim with graduation fun and a lot of family time. That deserves its on post- but certainly made up for a weekend chalked up to CF resting.
And weekend two….
Luckily the office kicked off summer hours the Friday following graduation. So it was a faster than normal work day and then onto the weekend!
After work I popped in to see the remaining relatives and drop off my some clothes for my mom’s trip to Milwaukee…. Off to another family graduation. When you are one of 23 grandkids- there are ALWAYS a lot of shared celebrations.
When I eventually made it home… The night was a hot shower…. Dinner…. Movie… And hitting the hay! Graduation day had taken it out of us!
Cozy Friday Night June 2016
Saturday we channeled our inner Chip and Joanna Gaines and finally got some house projects done!!
House Decorating June 2016
House Decorating June 2016
House Decorating June 2016
Followed by a few errands – a long walk and then it was a night at home. We had hoped to go do something or catch a movie- but this is the sign that Dan’s just not bouncing back no matter how much he is able to rest. So Quinlan and I made the best of it with some rest of our own and a cookie in a mug!
Shiba Shut Eye June 2016
Cookie in a Mug June 2016
Ya’ll I LOVE a hot chocolate chip cookie… One of my most favorite things! But when I bake a dozen at a time- they are just too tempting to have around. I am still working on my food choices to feel strong, give me energy, and support my fitness goals- eating 10 hot chocolate chip cookies sadly are not a big piece of that plan. So- this little Pinterest find lets you bake a chocolate chip cookie in a mug and have just one serving! Here is the recipe I used and it helped with that sweet tooth, without overeating and the whole regret thing a few hours later – just perfect!
Sunday Danny was determined for us to have a date – so we went real simple: grabbed coffee and headed to downtown Leesburg. This cute little area has fun shops, great antiques, and provides the setting for such a fun morning date! We walked and talked… We’re inspired by what we saw and shops (after our day of fixing up and all 😃 )… And remembered why coming to this spot more often is a must for this summer!
Leesburg AM Date June 2016
Leesburg AM Date June 2016
Leesburg AM Date: Dan’s favorite little store that our visit was planned around June 2016
That afternoon it was home…. Some online class work… Contract work… And mass. We had talked about trying to still get that dinner out or something- but Dan was just feeling worn out. So another quiet one at home.
My Blog Class June 2016
So there we have it – the Bessette last two weekends! And I am sure there is one theme your seeing s lot- Danny is feeling worn out. It has been awhile since his last tune-up and we are defiently seeing the results. After a little back and forth and trying to rest, add in some different meds, and starting steroids – with minimal change, Danny has opted for a tune up and headed to Hopkins on Thursday. Now that the weekend is here I am here too and we are praying this stay will give him the kick he needs to feel energy, be stronger, and have a great summer!
Appreciate everyone’s patience as my blogging is sporadic – been busy at work, I am manning the house and parenting a Shiba all alone … But Danny is doing awesome so we wil take this little detour and be on our way again soon!
Happy weekend!! Thanks so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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