Weekend That’s A Wrap

Hello folks and happy Tuesday! If you follow us on social media then you know we are coming off one hell of a week!

Starting on Monday at 6:30AM, I arrived at the airport and it felt like from that moment on I was running the meeting dash! Off to Orlando I went with my team for our big annual event. As I shared during last week’s weekend wrap up, these meetings have taken on an extra special meaning since I get to spend time with family. Although it makes the days pretty long – late night laughing with my family was really nice. It has been a full year for us and getting back to simple ~late night pizza and laughing at Ganmommy stories~ are the things that really do refresh my soul.

DHI Conference May 2016
DHI Conference May 2016
DHI Conference May 2016

Since taking this job in October of 2014 I have been in awe of the unique turn of events that have occurred. If someone would have told me all that I would experience while at this role I would not have believed it. Yet just like that I can see the true gifts God has placed in my path in the form of people through this experience. No job is perfect, but I have been pretty darn blessed to be surrounded by a group of people that make me laugh, help me look forward to getting to work, and have supported me both professionally and personally. God knew what he was doing…..

DHI Registration Team May 2016
DHI Conference May 2016

And it is pretty darn awesome that I have a chance to work with my Dad and my brother.

Heppes Family at DHI Show May 2016

Thank you Orlando for a great week!!

DHI Conference May 2016

And just like that Friday at 6:00AM my feet landed at the Orlando airport for the trek home…. and to the the Fay wedding! Our meeting lasted through Friday but with some pretty big I do’s to hit up – I was able to head out early. Danny picked me up at the airport after dropping puppy at my in-laws and a whole new mad dash began – to Charlottesville!

From the airpot to the house I had one hour to repack and shower. Let’s just say it was not all smooth sailing and the car stayed a little extra quite with two stubborn folks getting over who had the best approaching for getting out the door…. but as the rain quietly fell and we made our way along the winding roads of countryside Virginia, we couldn’t help but ease into our seats, enjoy our road trip snacks, and soak up the anticipation for the memories this weekend would create.

Unfortunately while I was enjoying these memories I was being extremely neglectful of taking pictures! I missed the chance to capture the cute Air B&B we stayed in…. or of the funny moments that found their way into the living room of our cottage while staying with a good high school friend and her sweet hubby! When we walked across the lawn and then took our place at dinner in one of the historical colonnades of UVA – I forgot to snap the scene for safe keeping.

But even with my forgetfulness – I did have the piece of mind to capture this moment of the Bride and Groom to be! As Ryan put into very eloquent words how touched he was for those that have been a part of their story, Megan beamed next to him wearing her mother’s wedding gown. Their love just spilled out – from their love struck grins to how they glided around the room – talking separately but always keeping each other in sight.

Fay Wedding May 2016

In some ways I have come to love a rehearsal dinner more than a wedding. It is in this quiet setting you witness the couple they are in this moment and catch glimpeses of who they will become. You can see them helping each other cover last minute details, remind each other of names and realationships – it is an exciting enough event to have a buzz….but quiet enough that little moments the soon to be Mr & Mrs share aren’t interrupted…. all taking place while in the company of their closest family and friends. It is a beaufutul celebration to kick off the big day.

That night the mic was opened for toasts and Danny and I had a chance to make ours. We toasted Ryan for the friend he has been to us and for the joy he has shared with us through his bride to be. Danny and I have been friends with Ryan longer than we have been friends to each other. In high school we each knew him separately and then in college we knew him as a friend to us as a couple. Fast forward a bit and he would stand with us at our wedding and shortly after that become the head of our charity with our other good friend Libby.

We have loved Ryan as the friend that is funny… that is the one who co-piloted some crazy adventures….. as a roommate….. and although those are all cherished moments – that night we opted to toast to the fact that Ryan is the kind of friend that walks in when it feels like the rest of the world walks out. When we had a mountain to climb – he was one of the first to lighten our load. Not only being willing to cheer us on from the sidelines, but jump right in the thick of it and walk with us. And when Megan entered the scene – she did not miss a beat. Jumping in to help – acting like being at a hospital, when it is her day off, is a fun activity. They have driven two hours just to bring gatorade to Dan at Hopkins and give me the chance to stay past dark in the hospital, since they would be there to walk with me to the car. We wish nothing but the absolute best to Ryan and Megan in life – but this night, we reminded them that when life doesn’t offer the best – they have chosen people that chose to weather life’s storms with their loved ones. We are grateful for what that means for our life and know it will bring them many blessings in their own.

The next day – it was wedding day! And we enjoyed the heck out of it…..

Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016

Including the groomsmen’s festive tuxedo shirts…..

Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016

Spending time with our friends….

Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016
Fay Wedding May 2016

The school buses we took to head home….

Fay Wedding May 2016

On Sunday we got up to enjoy a nice brunch and then headed home to attend mass and visit our moms on Mother’s Day. The drive was really nice – we laughed about the night before and marveled at how we were already into May. But with the work trip behind us and this fun weekend under our belts we were ready to be home and get ready for a great spring and summer – dreaming of the perfect blend of productivity and fun! This coming week would rock.

Well that Monday I came home early not feeling well… Quinlan had gotten sick on both our bed and the guest bed… and Danny slept all day, which happened to also repeat itself today. We both knew it would happen – a big week prior to wedding weekend Danny had to do the house and dog all alone, followed by a weekend of none stop fun – he was bound to need a lot of recovery. But if I am being honest it is still hard to go through.

Here we just came off an awesome weekend feeling like life is good! Remembering how much we love dating – being away from home and bills and chores and to dos – and just laughing and enjoying friends and finding each other’s hands as we walk. Life is good – we are blessed. And just like that we are reminded that our life is not so simple… and there are trade offs.

Danny isn’t in his early 20s anymore and his lungs do cause him pain and limitations. And I am human and instead of being rational – knowing this necessary 48 hour sleep would come – I get frustrated and tired and scared and extremely anxious. The stark reminders that sickness lurks in the corners of our world, can be overwhelmeing. So that is when I do have to focus on what we traded for – the chance be there to meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Fay – and it was well worth it. These moments will never come again and we are so blessed to have them.

Fay Wedding May 2016

Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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