Weekend – That’s A Wrap!

Happy Wednesday friends! Hope your week is moving along swimmingly! Being in the midst of conference season at work and going back and forth to Baltimore over the last two weeks – we are living life in the fast lane for sure! But with the official return of the beautiful spring weather – we are certainly finding the time to stop and soak in the sights, sounds, and SUN!


This past weekend kicked off with a fun Friday lunch date! Saturday night Danny was going to the Washington Capitals Hockey game – our normal date night – so he opted to bring a picnic lunch in a park we have memories from while dating. It is just around the corner from my office and on this sunny day was the perfect lunch break!


Lunch Park Date April 2016
That evening, while Danny coached hockey, I had a great little happy hour phone date with one of my best gal pals, Allie! She is a fellow DJOer – but we did not become close friends until college. There was some bonding amongst the rolling hills of VA that I will never be able to adequately describe – except to say, this lady holds a piece of my heart. And these days she holds it in the great state of Texas!


My Girl Allie July 2010
As we both navigate life in the 30s it feels like our worlds are in constant motion. We text on a 24-48 hour regular basis – but instead of the consistent phone catch ups, we seem to be perfecting our game of phone tag. This evening we finally put an end to it with a schedule phone date….. and just over two and half hours later – we had covered it all!


Saturday both Danny and I set our alarms for the early side. He was heading to the Capitals game that night (it is hockey playoffs…..a BIG deal around these parts) and we wanted to get a few things in before his departure. But no Saturday can really kick off without a little coffee break….so while Dan did his morning treatments, Quinlan and I visited Starbucks and soaked up some rays.
Spring is here! April 2016
Once everyone was rolling for the day, we headed to the nursery to begin our backyard seasonal plans! The couple who lived in our house before us were quite the DIYers and the backyard has some awesome landscape possibilities…. we just have to figure it out! Last year we had just moved in and a lot of what they had planted came back – but this year we will have to do a little replacing – so off we went!


You all know how much I have loved being in a place that is home. Making it our own, doing the house things together – it just makes me smile! Heading into six years of this whole marriage thing and some of these moments still bring me the whole “we are married!!!” pauses. Something about brainstorming about the look of the yard, planing the social gatherings we hope to have, and enjoying where hard work and patience has brought us –  I feel really blessed for my world and that I get to share it with Danny.


Spring Yard Planning April 2016
After a lot of debating and recognition that we are absolutely still at the learning stage of this whole garden thing …… I headed off for some shopping with my mom and Danny to the Caps game. On weekends I can get a little frustrated if we go our separate ways. It feels like that is what Monday – Friday is for, so the weekend is time that should be spent all together. When we are living that model, it is not uncommon that I am running around the house doing things or holed away in the loft working, while Danny is doing his guy thing in the basement. We are together by defination, but not really spending quality time. So a chance for both of us to get out and have a little entertainment on our own was the perfect solution as we always return refreshed and focused on more purposeful time tougher. So Danny headed to DC and cheered the Caps on to a win and I hit up Target, DSW, and Ulta (and MAYBE Starbucks again) with my mom! The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon for each of us.


Shopping Date with Mom April 2016
That night as I waited for Danny to come home – I did the work thing! Lots of blog happenings, contact work, bills, mail…you know all that crazy fun adult stuff! But to make a it a less daunting I changed my scenery and spread out in our dining room. This offered me have a little more space and the ability to take advantage of the sunshine during the daylight hours with the back deck right there.


Dining Room Office April 2016
Saturday was great – but flew by and I still only get to a few of the things I hoped to wrap for weekend done, so Sunday I was up at 6:30AM! Planned the day to a T for maximum productivity and a little side of fun (thank you pedicure time!!). I figured I would be able to get everything done in a timely manner and be packed, ready to roll to Baltimore that night in a relaxed atmosphere. Luckily I did get up early since we had a full day …..with my washer’s main drain hose coming undone and starting a pretty decent pool in our basement! Oops!


Mass Exodus for the Stuff in Storage April 2016
Danny was feeling tired and a little frustrated with having to get back to Baltimore again so I sent him out for a little coffee and down time with his hair cut. It was while he was out that my washer decided to act up… sigh! Luckily my parents were home to guide me on what to do and my mom was able to pop by and help mop. Good news? I have been meaning to clean out that storage area and we have successfully thrown a bunch of junk out. leaving us with a much cleaner storage space! Gotta look at the bright side.


Basement Storage Clean-Out April 2016
The evening ended with making our way to Baltimore and although a little bumpy getting there – it was  good visit and we are glad to have ended the week being where we needed to be …..even if it was a little longer to get there!


Just watching all the Sunday Activity wore him out April 2016
Hope your weekend had a little fun and a lot of sun and that your week is just lovely!
Thanks for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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