Weekend That’s A Wrap

Hey there folks! It’s the first real life week over here at the Bessettes! Back to work, schedules, bedtimes and the cold…. it is January!


Luckily our weekend before that day looked pretty much just like this:
New Year’s Eve 2015
Yup- starting with New Year’s Eve the Bessettes welcomed the 2016 with some serious logged couch time. Following a week of balanced family time, hockey tournaments, and now a shared cold – we knew the end of  vacation would best be spent at home just resting.


New Year’s eve we started the day out at the earliest hockey game of the whole tournament – 8AM in DC in a FREEZING older rink…. and sadly it would be the last game. Our O’Connell boys fought hard and learned a lot – but no trophy. Following our early rising for hockey – we met Dan’s brother, Peter, for a silver diner breakfast. Warm breakfast foods after a cold morning at the rink are a must!


We had been living most of the holiday week out of my inlaws. Peter was in town visiting from Arizona, we had hockey tournaments and holiday plans in the city, and with all of our running around our pup could have been spending a lot of time home alone  – so to make the most of our holiday time (and avoiding time just in transit), and give Quinlan a chance of extra company, we stayed all together at the Bessettes.


Peter Visits with Quinlan December 2015
After our breakfast I was feeling at the height of my cold – and while Danny, Peter and John hung around the house, packed up all the explosion of the suitcases and played a little ping pong, I cuddeled up on the couch with my pup and enjoyed a winter’s nap.


By early afternoon it was time to get Peter to the airport out by our house – and return home. As we traveled back to Ashburn, Quinlan perfectly described all of our fun activity – exhausting.


Drive Home from Christmas December 2015
That evening we unpacked, enjoyed hot showers, threw on sweats. ordered Chinese and cuddled up on the couch. We rang in 2016 as a family in our home. We quietly said good bye to another year and welcomed a new one with full and grateful hearts.


Friday we actually planned for a NOTHING lazy day – and kicked it off sleeping until noon. Yup – got our money’s worth on that free day for sure. We hung around, did some laundry, picked up a little bit, caught up on tons of DVR and even started to get my calendar ready for the 2016 year….one of my favorite things!


Calendar Planning January 2016
Saturday and Sunday we had to get a little bit more productive with errands, restocking the pantry, cleaning up, wrapping up Christmas cards, and trying to prepare for the week back in our normal routine. However – if we are being honest – it was a lot of down time and I think that was just what we needed. For a year that we hope to really excel at – we decided to enter it pretty quietly. Catching our ZZZZZsss where we can!


New Year’s Eve 2015
Finally today, January 6, I want to wish you all a Blessed Andre Bessette day! Andre Bessette is a saint in our Catholic faith who is French Canadian – just like Dan’s family….so today we like to honor our namesake! Pray for us Saint Andrew Bessette!


Thank you of reading and remember to make it a great day!

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