2015 in Review

Happy New Year Friends!!! We are officially into a new year and I don’t know about you – but I am pretty darn excited for this new chapter.


Sometimes a new year can feel like a lot of pressure. Your chance to change your whole life when the clock strikes midnight! We can finally achieve that goal, we can finally close a chapter, we can finally see the version of ourselves we dream of….. Although I recognize the pressure (maybe even embrace it – just like doing that college paper hours before its due and you just bang it out), I can’t help but also get excited for the newness of a brand new year! A new calendar, new goals, a chance to leave the sad behind and memorialize the good…. I love it!


This year the Bessette family saw a lot of good and a bit of struggle- but when it all shakes down its the good that we want to remember- so my top 5 from 2015:
Fall Family Photos October 2015


1. The move: This March we moved into our townhouse. Following a year + living with my family – we were thrilled to be back to a home of just us three! A place to celebrate the holidays with our own traditions, the chance to turn a house into our own home, building a little world that reflect us has been a blast.


Our Home Christmas 2015
2. My run: In April I ran the Cherry Blossom 5K in DC. When I first signed up for this race it was the 10-miler I planned to complete, but as race date grew closer and a variety of running frustrations found their way to my stride, I realized that 10 miles was not going to happen. Initially I thought about just not running at all. My original goal was already lost – so really, what was the point? Well I opted to run the 5K option anyway – and it was perfect. I felt good, ran the majority, and was reminded of my love for this sport. My running has been a bit spotty, but this race was a accomplishment that I only want to see repeated in the future – which is a great feeling!


Cherry Blossom 5K April 2015
3. Turning 30: In 2015 I turned 30. This age seemed like such a big deal – and the first birthday that I felt like – “O, I thought my life might look a little different”. My life is great especially at this moment as Danny and I were preparing for a really exciting chapter – I just felt a little behind. Boy was I wrong for what the year of 30 would feel like. Just the other day I was saying how much I have loved this age. For the first time in my life I feel really comfortable in my own skin, my emotions are something that I am learning to process versus just succumbing to, when decision making it feels more like my own doing rather than the need to ask for permission – I just feel more confident. With age and experience you begin to realize this is your life – and you have to live it in a way that reflects, respects, and represents you. The realization this age has brought provides its own sense of wisdom, making the dreaded birthday seem like privilege.


My 30th Birthday March 2015
4.  I Choose Us: This past year brought with it a lot of challenges and opportunities for Danny and I, but through it all we have solidified such an incredible rhythm of partnership. This season of life is a culmination of so many factors, but it all comes down to dedicated love. We have continued to make love an action, each and every day so when the tough days come, it is a decision we rely on to carry us through to the good days. While the first to sing our own praises…. we are also the first ones to say that marriage is hard work. That partnership can sometimes (or often) feel like a million miles away or one big fat lie that will never come to exist. But with hard work, commitment, communication (so very much communication), and a little faith – it is possible. And the reward for the hard work (believe me we know the hard work part) – is completely outdone by the reward. None of our challenges were overly desirable, several unexpected, and pretty much always painful BUT to witness our partnership through them – I am grateful for these experiences.


Happy Birthday Danny
1746 Reunion Fall 2015
5. The blog: Have A Little Faith In We….. wow! If I could even begin to express the amazing experiences, memories, happiness this little blog has brought us I would, but I am still pretty speechless! The experience of writing, the journey of learning to curate our memories in all the little things, the time capsule we have created for the Bessettes has been transforming. As we shared with some of our family this holiday season the incredible gifts blogging has presented us – both Danny and I – and the dreams it has ignited for our future, we have been falling in love with the process even more! 2016 will have a lot of blog focus and if we have this much joy already, I can’t wait to see what is to come.


Image via Pinterest
We hope all of you have plucked the moments you want to remember from 2015 and look forward to so many more in the new year! God bless!
Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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