And We Are Back….

Hi friends….. great news, WE ARE HOME!!! HOME HOME HOME…… it is the most wonderful feeling. The hospital ordeal can be tough – and this stay was one of the worst. So there really is nothing like coming home and getting back to normal life.

Family Photos
Bessette Family Photos Fall 2015
Danny was released on Monday after spending 6 days in the hospital – starting with our 4AM ER visit last Tuesday – when he was pretty sure an intestinal blockage was developing. Growing up Danny would get these every summer…..usually after too much fun in the sun and not enough liquids. CF patients are prone to these sorts of issues because the sticky mucus that infects their lungs, can be found throughout the body. That sludge in the intestines mixed with potential scar tissue from surgeries he had as an infant – and a blockages can very quickly form.

The funny thing about this situation is that normally Danny can feel them coming along. Although he had not had them in over 10 years prior to June, he is very familiar with the causes, symptoms, and when things quickly shift from potential issue to full blown blockage. However this time – he did not notice a thing until around the midnight hour and was not fully convinced until a few hours later. At that point it was too late. There was no drinking enough fluids to combat it.

Since the pain was a little more subdue from the most recent blockage (at least on day 1), they thought it could be something else…. like o, yea that kidney stone that is hanging around. Yup – Danny has a kidney stone that has been deemed too big to pass, but also not really causing any issues and so for now we were just sorta leaving it. Well this day, they thought that little bugger may have wanted out.

Hours and scans and pictures and images and meds and theories and coffee cups later….. and we determined that the kidney stone had moved and actually has to come out soon – but not emergency and yes it was an intestinal blockage (which matched the extreme pain that had arrived in the meantime). Long story short we would would spend the next 6 days in the hospital enduring two NG tubes, a few other treatments, and a lot of lost sleep. Since this sort of issue is VERY painful and Danny needs help I live out of the hospital too. I had a few breaks thanks to his parents – but for the most part I was there 24/7.

These stays are so hard – especially during certain treatments when Danny can’t speak and I feel completely alone. You mix that with a scattered diet, limited sleep, and a few days where we had tried EVERYTHING the docs could think of without any luck – and I had a lot of emotions and tears. It was hard and that was just for me! When you ask the patient he will tell you this sort of issue is the absolute worst.

However, there were a few silver linings.

Danny and I spent a lot of time in prayer. Over this past year we have continued to work hard on making our faith a priority for each of us individually but also as a couple. And in these moments where we were running on empty, the solutions were not working, and the finish line not only seemed far away but also to keep moving…. we were reduced to nothing but whispered prayers for help, support, and gratitiude for each other. Being left before God our Father, asking that he be with us – make us strong, keep us hopeful – it was incredibly powerful and I think brought a closeness to our hearts that can only be as a result of Him.

Additionally in terms of Danny’s health – blockages are painful, scary and need to be avoided – BUT they don’t affect the lungs. Danny is not in fear of another reduction in lung capacity or fearful that we are suddenly looking at transplant as the only answer. In fact once cleared and Danny was eating normally – he could go home. The whole ordeal is done, which is a little different than a tune-up where he has to do more IVs at home and the road to recovery is still long. Nope! When Danny arrived home Monday afternoon we were done….. and very grateful to put this whole ordeal in our rear view mirror.

Thank you for the continued support and prayers….. and for your patience for my little break here. But we are back!!

Thank you for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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