Sunday Reflection: March 12, 2023

“A woman of Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink.” John 4:7

Welcome 38! March 2023

Despite where life has led us – because of circumstances we caused, circumstances we were effected by do to others, or circumstances completely out of our control – Jesus understands what the reality of these circumstances truly does to our heart and meets us there.

The story of the woman at the well shows us so much about who Jesus is and who as humans we are. It is incredibly powerful:

Jesus breaks culture code: a Jew speaking to a Samaritan

Jesus breaks social practice: a man speaking to a woman.

Jesus breaks what we know to be true about ourselves: the woman at the well thought she was unworthy to even praise God and yet Jesus has called her to help spread the word the Messiah is here.

And maybe most overwhelming: where did Jesus meet her? Right in the middle of her world, her life, her chores…. and he called her to him. The most significant moment in her life happened as she did the mundane task of the day. A task she had to endure even more laboriously and as a reminder of how society rejected her since she went to the well alone and in the middle of the day. That moment that caused her pain daily, but was required of her to live: Jesus used to provide an encounter and then change her forever.

Jesus told the woman and he tells us: he came to change the world. Jesus came to teach us all about truth and spirit. Jesus came when we least expected it and in a formate unrecognizable to the human eye: who expected a king, but found a poor prophet. The Lord does not come to meet our expectations, he comes to change the broken of the world for good.

This gospel came the week of my 38 birthday. A time when what has been heavy on my heart when life has changed completely, and yet He also sends blessings. The ways in which I used to honor him have been lost, and yet he has blessed the outcome. When I wonder how to best proceed in this next chapter – learning to not trust my humanity and rather seek his divinity. And reminded me: Jesus does not come to work within the constraints of my human understanding or expectation. God’s plan was not what the world had anticipated. The spirit can come to us and move in our life just when we do the regular duties of our callings. And the healing of what the divine trinity works together to bring, can never be deterred by who we are or what we have done, as long as we are willing to empty ourselves and accept the truth of God’s love. Jesus – you are right, life has left me thirsty…. but you offer me the greatest drink of eternal life.

My tools for this week:

The Chosen Episode “I am He” which features the woman at the well. There are many powerful scenes in this impactful series… but this one has really stuck with me. I am a woman doing life and Jesus pursues me in this life. The shame I may need to hide from the world or is a result of rejection from my own life – is not hidden from God. Especially the parts that have me feeling so desperately misunderstood. Jesus sees the whole thing and loves me, calls me, asks me to help spread who is regardless of who the world sees me to be. To see this played out with two human people is a visual reminder of how Jesus come to the world: human too, but not to follow the ways of this world. The series is excellent in order and I would recommend watching it all, but if you want to catch a good one check this episdoe out.

And the second tool: read this story in the bible. Truly read the words put down for us that God wants us to use to know him better. Through the week I have read it a few times and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

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