The Harry & Megan Documentary is Reminding Me Why I was a Communications Major

The Netflix Harry & Megan Documentary came out this past week – and after my Crown series fascination over the last few years, I admit it – I was REALLY excited for this release. Its human nature we all want to a look inside… and then there is the other part of human nature: we then want to give our take on the inside look. This is a very interesting cultural moment and there are no shortage of opinions.

My love of stories has deep family roots… my grandfather a story teller

Over the last few years I have worked exceptionally hard at shedding myself of the things that build ick internally. This is a daily (maybe even minute to minute) struggle and I suspect as a human being that will be the case for the rest of my days. So a documentary that leads to judgement – of the creators, of the situation, of what others who are watching think. This is the sort of thing I really should guard my heart against. I mean in a moment of shared human weakness, after YEARS of loving it and having this channel on pretty consistently: I have pretty much removed Bravo from my life. I get the fascination, I understand the escape, and honestly: I still fall prey to nights of ordered in take out, pile of blankets, candle and zoning out to the housewives. There is a very good chance the interest in this pop culture event has the same effect and yet I have chosen to watch.

This is all to be unpacked and I may find, lead to an examination of conscious and choices in general if I choose to forgo sleep or jump in on the gossip and judgment. But it was my dad that asked me why I am interested, in a genuinely curious way, that had me start to wonder if there is something more to my true excitement. It seems beyond just zoning out to drama. Then when I found myself watching some stories on it and saving blog posts to read later that dive into the external details, I was met with the feeling this is different. The documentary series has inspired all sorts of conversations about: what the fashion choices say, the PR approach on telling your side or staying silent, the body language, the institutional history and the little and big ways family members choose to support it and choose to distance from it…… and suddenly it hit me: this is taking me back to college when I fell in love with my major: communications.

My own communications efforts for the CF Foundation March 2019

My degree started with a major in business and focus on hospitality management… but through a verity of events ended with a degree in communications and focus in PR. And ya’ll I loved it. After the first few years of college being a struggle, when I got to this focus, I was considering a masters. It was so fascinating to me how all the little details come together to tell a story and that you could have a career that was focused on both creating the details and then putting the puzzle pieces together. The Harry and Megan Documentary is a HUGE study in communications: optics, word choice, press involvement/exclusion, personal accounts and history lessons. Yes, my human nature is constantly dissecting it and giving my opinion on each choice (and I am supporting the terrible habit of “the world according to me), and yet I love the chance to be a viewer of the content and observe its impact. Then to see the fall out of the coverage after the release…. this a PR A+ project.

Finally the idea of telling your story. Clearly that is something that speaks to me. I love story telling… my desire for the blog… my dreams around writing…. are centered around telling a story. And yet, my conservative default has opinions on going against the tradition of family. Being part of that family means you stay silent. I found it fascinating and in some ways impressive while watching the Crown. While, on the same hand I have seen the pain and hurt it leads to ….. humans want connection and that is pretty hard to find when the majority of communication is silence. For a moment I paused my judgement of both: silence and sharing…. and just tried to ask myself why? Why does this feel like such a big question to answer? There are no plans for a Bessette documentary. And the answer came to me: reading stories of those I can identify with have made me feel better. When I have been lonely in middle of the night hospital hours …. when facing infertility…. when watching my world go from “it’s not supposed to be this way” to “how did I even get here” – I healed because others stood up and said their world is not so perfect. The human fascination with story telling, details, messaging isn’t just rooted gossip and judgement. Somewhere, somehow it helps speaks to the hurt part of our hearts. Isn’t God’s word stories of broken people being shared?

My instructor in sharing your story, my Dad March 2019

Tomorrow part two is released and we will see where this project goes. But all in all… no matter the story that is told….the communications talent… let’s hope the necessary healing can happen. The story we all hope for one day.

Thank you so much for reading and remember to make it a great day!

2 thoughts on “The Harry & Megan Documentary is Reminding Me Why I was a Communications Major

  1. Story telling is an art form that is so powerful personally and professionally. You weave a great story that takes courage which makes it very powerful and inspirational. Love Dad


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