Dear Shannon Letter 2

This project is for us … my little love August 2022

Dear Shannon,

It has been a year since I started this project with the first letter. I have thought about it over and over again – do I keep going? Is this a story you will want to hear? Is it a story I should even tell? I have I had sitting in drafts since the spring letter #2 and I have never hit publish. But here we are – a year to the day and I still feel strongly about writing it. My fears are wrapped up in how you will feel if you ever do read it? How our future selves will feel about it being written down? Is the story worthy of capturing when it will just be from my point of view?

But here is the truth, Shannon. Letter 2 I was going to write a little about my childhood and the things I have taken with me. The lessons that told me who I was and in so many ways that person, despite it all, is still here. And in this letter I hoped you would hear the lessons and maybe take some of the same with you. But I suppose all the lessons and all the stories and all the reflections come down to the biggest truth: I have never given up on the power of possibility for good. And that is what this story is … how the power of possibility has led my life and in following it I have no regrets … while also having some pretty amazing blessings.

Retelling that story… of living life with passion and faith that lead to so much good… to you. That is the story I want to tell and I pray the one you will want to hear some day. And I hope it will tell you to also live in the power of possibility, walking hand in hand with our Lord as your guide and no matter what you won’t have regrets.

So here we go…back to the story project…

Love to you My Shannon girl,

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